10 Facts about Rodney King

Post On: August 14, 2018

Facts about Rodney King present the life history of the famous taxi driver who became the victim of the brutality by the LAPD. King was born on 2nd April 1965 as Rodney Glen King. He passed away on 17th June 2012. King rose prominence after the video tape of him being beaten by some police officers surfaced when he was arrested on 3rd March 1991. The incident was filmed by George Holliday from his balcony. He was a civilian. People began to notice on the incident after KTLA, a local news station aired it. Then the global news media began to air the video where it showed that King was beaten repeatedly. If you want to know more about Rodney King, check the following post below:

Facts about Rodney King 1: the trial

After the video was aired, the public noticed something wrong with the LAPD officers. Due to the use of excessive force during the arrest of King, the four officers were tried. Three of them were acquitted. However, the fourth was not charged due to the failure for the jury to reach a verdict.

Facts about Rodney King 2: the Los Angeles riots

The video of King beaten by the office sparked the social issue for the African American people. There is no need to wonder the outrage turned into riot in Los Angeles in 1992. It took place within hours of the acquittals.

Facts about Rodney King

Facts about Rodney King

Facts about Rodney King 3: the riot

There were 2,373 injured people during the riot, which lasted for six days. Moreover, 63 people died during the riot. Finally, the riot was under control after US Marine Corps, US Army and California Army Guard were on the street to control the situation.

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Facts about Rodney King 4: the result of the trial

What was the result of the trial for the four officers who beat King? The two officers were sent to prison according to trial conducted on 16th April 1991 in federal district court. The remaining two were acquitted from the charge.

Facts about Rodney King 5: cash

In a separate case, King earned $3.8 million in damages given by the city of Los Angeles due to the inappropriate behavior by the four officers. King tried to start his own business. However, it was hard for him to make it work.



Facts about Rodney King 6: death

In April 2012, The Riot Within: My Journey from Rebellion to Redemption was published in the market. It was the memoir of King that he co-authored with Lawrence J. Spagnola. King was found dead in his swimming pool on 17 June 2012. He was found by Cynthia Kelly.

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Facts about Rodney King 7: who is Cynthia Kelly?

Cynthia Kelly was the juror in the case of King. People realized the news that King would marry Kelly on 9th September 2010.

Facts about Rodney King 8: the cause of the death

The official issued a statement that King passed away because of accidental drowning after the result of the autopsy.

Rodney King Beating

Rodney King Beating

Facts about Rodney King 9: the contributing factors

The contributing factor, which made him accidentally drowned, was the combination of marijuana, cocaine and alcohol in his body.

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Facts about Rodney King 10: in popular culture

The incident, which occurred on King, has been used as inspiration in popular culture. The film Riot released in 1997 is based on the beating of King and its aftermath.

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