10 Facts about Rodrigo Duterte

Post On: August 14, 2018

You will be informed with facts about Facts about Rodrigo Duterte in the following post. Duterte is the current president of the Philippines. He was born on 28th March 1945 with the full name Rodrigo Roa Duterte. He takes the record as the first Mindanao who sits on the presidential office. He becomes the leader of PDP-Laban party. Duterte is old enough to become a president. Do you know that he was 71 years old when taking the office? Now he takes the record as the oldest person, which grabs the Philippine presidency. He surpassed Sergio Osmena. Let’s get other interesting facts about Duterte below:

Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 1: education

Let’s find out the education of Duterte. In 1968, Duterte graduated from Philippines University at the Lyceum with the degree of political science. In 1972, he earned a law degree from San Beda College.

Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 2: the early career

The beginning of his career took place in Davao City where he became a lawyer and prosecutor. Then he assumed the role as a vice mayor. In 1986 during the Philippine Revolution, he served as the mayor of the city. He stayed in the office for 22 years for seven terms. He was included in the list of the longest serving mayors in Philippines.

Facts about Rodrigo Duterte

Facts about Rodrigo Duterte

Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 3: political success

Duterte was recognized by the people in the country because of his support to apply extrajudicial king of drug users and criminals. This belief earned him political success and support. He was often described as a nationalist and populist.

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Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 4: the number of killings

The number of killings in Davao city was more than 1,400 cases according to the documentation of human rights groups. Most of the victims in the killings were the street children, petty criminals and drug users executed in 1998 until May 2016.

Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 5: Davao Death squad

The killing was mainly conducted by the Davao Death Squad according to the report of Philippine Commission of Human Rights in 2009. The extrajudicial killings were performed in systematic ways. However, Duterte stated that he did not involve in the extrajudicial killing.

Rodrigo Duterte Facts

Rodrigo Duterte Facts

Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 6: the investigation

In January 2016, the investigation about it was closed by the Office of Ombudsman.

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Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 7: the result of the investigation

The result of the investigation found no evidence of Duterte’s involvement. Moreover, they could not prove that Davao Death Squad existed.

Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 8: reopen the investigation

The investigation about it is reopened again. When Duterte served as the Mayor of Davao in 1988, he personally killed three kidnapping suspects. He confirmed the action.

Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte

Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 9: the presidential election

Duterte appeared as the winner of the presidential election after he earned 39.01 percent of the vote.

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Facts about Rodrigo Duterte 10: the campaigns

One of his promises during the presidential campaigns, he wanted to kill tens of thousands criminals as his attempt to decrease the crime in the country.

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