10 Facts about Roger Hargreaves

Post On: August 15, 2018

Facts about Roger Hargreaves talk about the English author for children books. People also know him as an illustrator. He was born on 9th May 1935. His full name is Charles Roger Hargreaves. He passed away on September 11th, 1988. Have you ever read the works of Hargreaves before? If you have read any of them, why don’t you try to read Mr. Men and Little Miss series? They are considered as the most popular one among the children. Since 1971, his works have been included in the popular culture because of his bold and bright colored illustration. Kids love them much. Moreover, the story in his books is humorous and simple. Therefore, it is easier for the very young readers to grasp the story. If you are curious about Roger Hargreaves, look at the below post:

Facts about Roger Hargreaves 1: the sales of his book

The sales of Hargreaves’ books reach more than 85 million copies in the world. They have been translated in at least 20 different languages. Thus, the non-English speaking readers can enjoy the book as well.

Facts about Roger Hargreaves 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Hargreaves was located at 201 Bath Road, West Yorkshire. He was delivered in a private hospital.

Roger Hargreaves Facts

Roger Hargreaves Facts

Facts about Roger Hargreaves 3: parents

Ethel Mary Hargreaves and Alfred Reginald Hargreaves were the parents of Hargreaves. He was raised at 703 Halifax Road, Cleckheaton.

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Facts about Roger Hargreaves 4: early education

Let us find out his early education. He studied at Sowerby Bridge Grammar School. Today, the school is named as Trinity Academy Sowerby Bridge.

Facts about Roger Hargreaves 5: the career

Before he found a job in advertisement industry, he worked for the laundry and dry cleaning business of his father for one year.

Roger Hargreaves

Roger Hargreaves

Facts about Roger Hargreaves 6: ambition

Hargreaves had a dream to become a cartoonist. He had a job at London firm as a creative director in 1971. He wrote Mr. Men book, Mr. Tickle when he worked there. It was not easy for him to find a publisher. His book only needed three years to achieve one million sales after it was published. Due to the amazing popularity, the book was transformed into an animated TV series aired in BBC. Arthur Lowe narrated the books in 1974. Hargreaves decided to leave his day job in 1976.

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Facts about Roger Hargreaves 7: Little Miss series

Hargreaves published his next book the Little Miss series in 1981. Due to the success of the book, it was also adapted into a TV series under the same title in 1983.

Facts about Roger Hargreaves 8: the famous books

During his career as a writer, Hargreaves had written many books. However, the most popular ones are Little Miss and Mr. Me series.

Facts about Roger Hargreaves

Facts about Roger Hargreaves

Facts about Roger Hargreaves 9: the place of living

The place of living for Hargreaves was on Guernsey in 1975 until 1982. Then he lived at a house farm in Sussex.

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Facts about Roger Hargreaves 10: death

Hargreaves died because of stroke at the age of 53 in 1988.

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