10 Facts about Roger McGough

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Why don’t you read the following post on Facts about Roger McGough if you want to know the famous English poet? McGough is also know as a playwright, author for children’s books, broadcaster and performance poet. His birth date was on November 9, 1937. He performed his own poetry as well as becoming a presenter for Poetry Please. It is a BBC Radio 4. The poetic works of McGough were highly affected by the culture and popular music of Liverpool. He was one of the prominent poets in a group of young poets called Liverpool poets. Here are other interesting facts about Robert McGough to note?

Facts about Roger McGough 1: the honor

Due his amazing works on Poetry, McGough has received a number of honors. He serves as the President of the Poetry Society. He also takes the title as the fellow for Royal Society of Literature. The Liverpool John Moores University also calls him as a fellow.

Facts about Roger McGough 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of McGough was located in Literland, Lancashire. He grew up with Roman Catholic faith.

Facts about Roger McGough

Facts about Roger McGough

Facts about Roger McGough 3: education

Let us find out the education of McGough. For his early education, he went to St Mary’s College in Crosby. His friend was the future criminologist and sociologist, Laurie Taylor. Then, McGough continued his education at University of Hull by studying on Geography and French. He became a librarian in 1955 where he lived for three years in Needler Hall. It was one of the residences in the university.

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Facts about Roger McGough 4: Philip Larkin

Have you ever heard about Philip Larkin? He is a famous poet who corresponds with McGough about his poetry. Larkin stated that he enjoyed reading the poetry of McGough. Actually, McGough was not confident sending him his work.

Facts about Roger McGough 5: as a French teacher

McGough became a French teaching after he returned to Merseyside in the beginning of 1960s. The Scaffold was a trio formed by McGough, John Gorman and Mike McGear. They worked for Edinburgh Festival Fringe. In 1966, they had a deal with Parlophone records. The performance of the Scaffold was noted with the poetry performance of McGough, comedy sketches and comic songs.

Roger McGough Poet

Roger McGough Poet

Facts about Roger McGough 6: the popularity of the Scaffold

The Scaffold’s version of “Lily the Pink” made them famous. McGough’s contribution to the group can be spotted on his lyrical writing on many of their songs. McGough and McGear album contained the musical poetry and comedy.

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Facts about Roger McGough 7: the Grimms

The Scaffold merged with two other bands in 1971. They were the Liverpool Scene and Bonzo Dog Band.

Facts about Roger McGough 8: the Mersey Sound

McGough appeared as a notable poet due to his 1967 The Mersey Sound, which gave him an instant fame. He along with Brian Patten and Adrian Henri created this anthology of poetry.

Roger McGough

Roger McGough

Facts about Roger McGough 9: the sales

The anthology is a commercially successful one because the sales reached more than 500,000 copies.

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Facts about Roger McGough 10: the Beatles

Do you know that Roger McGough had a personal connection with the Beatles?

Are you impressed reading facts about Roger McGough?