10 Facts about Roger Sherman

Post On: August 16, 2018

Facts about Roger Sherman give the notable information about the early American lawyer and statesman. If you study the history of America, you must know about him because he was one of the Founding Fathers of United States. This man was born on 19 April 1721 and died on 23 July 1793. Sherman took the record as the first one who had his signature on four important states papers of United States. Can you mention the four papers? They were the Constitution of United States, Articles of the Confederation, Declaration of Independence and Continental Association. All of them are the most important documents in the foundation of United States. If you are interested to know more about the early life, career and personal life of Sherman, read the following post below:

Facts about Roger Sherman 1: the birthplace of Sherman

The birthplace of Sherman was located in Newton, Massachusetts. Though he only had lack of formal education, he was capable to set a legal career in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Facts about Roger Sherman 2: as a Justice

In 1766 until 1789, Sherman took the post as a Justice of Superior Court of Connecticut. It was after he became a representative in House of Connecticut.

Facts about Roger Sherman

Facts about Roger Sherman

Facts about Roger Sherman 3: the Continental Congress

At the Continental Congress, Sherman became the representative of Connecticut. A boycott against Britain took place due to the imposition of Intolerable Act. This boycott took place after Sherman signed the Continental Association.

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Facts about Roger Sherman 4: the Declaration of Independence draft

Do you know that the draft of the famous Declaration of Independence was created by the Committee of Five? Sherman was one of them.

Facts about Roger Sherman 5: as a mayor

Sherman had an amazing political career. He won the election as the first mayor for New Haven, Connecticut in 1784.

Roger Sherman Facts

Roger Sherman Facts

Facts about Roger Sherman 6: Philadelphia Convention

Sherman went to the Philadelphia Convention in 1787 as the delegate. The convention was important in the history of United States for it generated the US Constitution.

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Facts about Roger Sherman 7: US House of Representatives

In 1789 until 1791, Sherman became the Connecticut Representative for US House of Representatives. In 1791 until his death in 1793, he was in the US Senate.

Facts about Roger Sherman 8: parents

The name of Sherman’s mother was Mehetabel. His father was William Sherman. His family lived in a farm. There were seven kids in the family. Sherman went to the grammar school and read from his father’s library for his early education.

Roger Sherman

Roger Sherman

Facts about Roger Sherman 9: the early career

No one will think that Sherman was a shoemaker during the period of his early career. However, he was eager to learn more. Therefore, he read a lot from the library of his father. Moreover, he found a good mentor, Rev Samuel Dunbar. He was a parish minister who had studied at Harvard.

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Facts about Roger Sherman 10: personal life

Talking about his personal life, Sherman married twice. He had 15 kids from the marriages.

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