10 Facts about Roger Williams

Post On: August 16, 2018

Facts about Roger Williams make you know more about the English Reformed theologian. Do you know that the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations were established by Williams? He was also known as a Reformed Baptist and Puritan Minister. The birth date of Williams was on December 21st, 1603. She died between 27 January and 15 March 1683. Williams was also famous as the first abolitionist. He treated the American Indians fair. He also supports the separation between the state and church. The Puritan leaders kicked him out of the Massachusetts Bay Colony because they thought that he spread “dangerous ideas”. In 1636, he founded the Providence Plantations as a refuge place. Find out other important facts about Roger Williams by reading the following post below:

Facts about Roger Williams 1: the First Baptist Church

The First Baptist Church in American was established by Williams in 1638. People recognized it as the First Baptist Church of Providence.

Facts about Roger Williams 2: slavery

Slavery is always associated with the history of America. It flourished in the past. Do you know that during the British American colonies, Williams attempted to prohibit slavery?

Facts about Roger Williams

Facts about Roger Williams

Facts about Roger Williams 3: the birth date

Due to the Great Fire of London in 1666, the record of Williams’ birth date was not known. However, he was born circa 1603 in London.

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Facts about Roger Williams 4: parents

His father worked as a merchant tailor. His name was James Williams. His mother was Pemberton. Williams had his apprenticeship under the well-known jurist named Sir Edward Coke.

Facts about Roger Williams 5: education

For his early education, Williams went to Charterhouse School. Then he earned Bachelor of Arts from Pembroke College, Cambridge in 1627. Williams mastered a number of languages such as French, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew and Latin. He became the tutor for John Milton to teach him Dutch. In return, Milton taught him Hebrew.

Roger Williams Facts

Roger Williams Facts

Facts about Roger Williams 6: personal life

On 15 December 1629, he and Mary Barnard got married at the Church of High Laver, England. The the couple’s kids were born in America. The six children of Barnard and Williams were Joseph, Daniel, Mercy, Providence, Freeborn and Mary. The couple migrated to the New York in the beginning of December in 1630 by boarding from Lyon.

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Facts about Roger Williams 7: the principles of teaching

Separation of church and state, liberty of conscience and separation were considered as the three basic principles of Williams’ teaching.

Facts about Roger Williams 8: the view about the Church of England

Williams had his point of view about the Church of England. He believed that it was corrupt.

Roger Williams Statue

Roger Williams Statue

Facts about Roger Williams 9: the first book of Williams

A Key into the Language of America was the first book of Williams published in 1643. The book was widely received by the people in England. It was considered as the first dictionary for Indian language.

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Facts about Roger Williams 10: death

The death of William took place between January and March in 1683. His burial place was located inside his property.

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