10 Facts about Roland Smith

Post On: August 17, 2018

Facts about Roland Smith elaborate the impressive ideas about the American author of young adult fiction. He also writes nonfiction books for children. Smith was born on 30 November 1951. The birthplace of Smith was located in Portland, Oregon. For his education, he went to Portland State University. He had a job in Portland at the Oregon Zoo as a part timer. It marked the beginning of his career as a zookeeper for 20 years in two places. He works for Oregon Zoo and Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma. Sea Otter Rescue is the first book published by Smith in 1990. The book is centered on process of animal rescue. It is a nonfiction account. The publication took place after his work to save the wildlife due to the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

Facts about Roland Smith 1: other non-fiction books

Smith wrote other nonfiction books due to his experience working in the zoo. One of them is Journey of the Red Wolf. In 1996, it earned Oregon Book Award.

Facts about Roland Smith 2: the second novel

Thunder Cave is the second novel of Smith. It was published in 1997. The primary character in the book is Jacob Lansa. He has to move to Africa since his father makes a research about a research.

Roland Smith

Roland Smith

Facts about Roland Smith 3: Jacob Lansa

Smith also makes other stories about Jacob Lansa. In 1999, he published Jaguar. The Last Lobo was published in 2001. Others include Chupacabra, Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles. It seems that Lansa is his favorite character.

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Facts about Roland Smith 4: awards

During his career as a writer, Smith has received many awards. Various states have awarded him with Book of the Year award. They states include Oregon, Florida, South Carolina and Nevada. Smith also takes home National Book Award in 2007.

Facts about Roland Smith 5: personal life

There are few things to say about the personal life of Smith. He, his wife and stepchildren settle in Portland, Oregon.



Facts about Roland Smith 6: Thunder Cave

As I have stated before, Thunder Cave is the second novel of Smith. In 1995, Hyperion Books published this young adult adventure novel. The sequels of the book are Jaguar and The Last Lobo.

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Facts about Roland Smith 7: Peak

If you want to read the young adult fiction, you can read Peak. It was released in the market in 2007. The novel tells you the adventure of a 14-year-old boy. He climbs the tall building in New York and Mount Everest.

Facts about Roland Smith 8: reviews and receptions

Smith’s books are widely received by the readers and critics. They also have good reviews about them. The books are not boring for kids. Peak seems to earn more popularity among kids and young adult. It was enlisted as the Popular Paperbacks for Young Adult by American Library Associations in 2012.

Roland Smith Peak

Roland Smith Peak

Facts about Roland Smith 9: mystery book

If you like mystery books, Smith serves the readers with I,Q.

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Facts about Roland Smith 10: co-author

I, Q is a series. Smith wrote the first three. The remaining is co authored with Michael P. Spradlin.

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