10 Facts about Roller Skating

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Facts about Roller Skating inform the readers with a recreational activity with roller skates. You have to wear the roller skates first before you travel on the surface. People consider roller-skating as a form of transportation, while others think that it is an entertainment activity. Roller skating has a number of varieties. However, the tri skates, inline skates and quad roller skates are considered as the three basic ones. In 1935 until 1960, people were deeply interested with roller-skating in America. People often did it as their hobby during the spare time. It was popular again in 1970s where the roller rinks had disco music. If you want to know more about roller-skating, check the following post below:

Facts about Roller Skating 1: the improvement on the roller-skates

The improvement on the roller skates makes this form of entertainment repeatedly popular. Scott Olson increased the design of inline roller skates in 1981. The popularity of roller skating was also increased with inline outdoor roller-skating in 1990s.

Facts about Roller Skating 2: sport

Roller skating is also considered as a sport for the competition has a number of events. It is called the artistic roller-skating. Inline skates can be found in some events. However, most of them are in quad skates.

Roller Skating 1910

Roller Skating 1910

Facts about Roller Skating 3: the factors

The factors, which determine the flights of events in the roller-skating, are the experience, ability and age of the participants.

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Facts about Roller Skating 4: the local competition for roller skating

Before you will reach the National Championships, you have to pass local competition and regional competition. If you appear as the winner for the national championship, you will be sent into the World Championships.

Facts about Roller Skating 5: event

The skaters do not have to participate in only one event. They have more than one event to compete. If you master the solo dance, there is no need for you follow a test. You will be qualified to compete in harder events.

Roller Skating Facts

Roller Skating Facts

Facts about Roller Skating 6: the judges

The marks for the skaters will be given by the judges according your turning, look, and edges. They should be amazing or spectacular to capture the attention of the judges.

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Facts about Roller Skating 7: team dance

The skaters will have to do a set of dance together. It usually consists of two skaters. The partners usually are coupled according to the same age and ability.

Facts about Roller Skating 8: freestyle roller dancing

The performance of freestyle roller dance movement has not been set up before. There will always a room for improvisation when you do it.

Facts about Roller Skating

Facts about Roller Skating

Facts about Roller Skating 9: precision team

Roller-skating which involves a team of four will compete as a precision team. When the music is played, they have to skate in patterns and movements.

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Facts about Roller Skating 10: speed skating

If you check the traditional roller skates, you can find speed skating. Before the participants would be sent to the state tournament, they had to follow the competition season, which took place in fall and spring.

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