10 Facts about Roller

Post On: August 17, 2018

Facts about Roller elaborate the information about an animal included in Coraciidae, an Old World family. During the territorial flight or courtship, the birds will perform aerial acrobatics. That is why they are called rollers. Probably it reminds you with the acrobatic roller-skating. The posture as well as the size of rollers reminds the people with crows. However, the body features colored tone like cinnamon brown, pink and blues. The outer toes are not connected. However, the inner front ones are connected. Talking about their diet, roller likes to eat insects. The prey will be taken into the wing by the Eurystomus species. Another roller has different habit related to finding food. Some will get the floor from the ground. Let us find out other impressive facts about rollers below:

Facts about Roller 1: the habitat of rollers

During the Eocene, the roller was spotted living in North America according to the fossil records. Today, you can find them living in warm environments.

Facts about Roller 2: mating

The rollers will produce the eggs after the mating process. You have to know that they are monogamous. They put the eggs in the tropic at the latitude of 3 to 6. The number of eggs are around 2 to 4 eggs. They have white color. The rollers just have to wait for 17 to 20 days. For the next 30 days, the young will stay in the nest.

Facts about Roller

Facts about Roller

Facts about Roller 3: the characteristics of the roller

Can you define the characteristics of the roller? Their body is stocky. The beaks are slightly hooked. The birds look strong and powerful. The plumage has bright color.

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Facts about Roller 4: the length

The roller has the length of 10 to 11 inches or 25 to 27 cm. The body size reminds you with the physical look of a crow.

Facts about Roller 5: Coraciiformes

Coraciiformes is an order, which has been a relative to the rollers. That is why both have similarity in general morphology. The legs are short. The feet look weak. The plumage is bright. Moreover, they have short necks and large heads.

Roller Bird

Roller Bird

Facts about Roller 6: the weak feet

How do you know that roller has weak feet? This bird seldom uses the feet when their leaping, moving or hoping. The behavior of roller reflects that this animal does not use the feet much. When the prey escapes, they will have lurching leap to catch them.

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Facts about Roller 7: the bill

Roller is often called as the broad biller roller because of their broader bill. Yet, it is short and robust. The black bill is found on the true roller. On the other hand, the bright colored bills are spotted on the broad biller rollers.

Facts about Roller 8: the place of living

Most rollers can be found in the Old World. They pick the warm places to live.



Facts about Roller 9: the origin of roller

Some people believe that roller comes from Africa because the continent has the most species of roller.

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Facts about Roller 10: European roller

The European rollers have their winter in Africa. When they want to breed, they will go to Europe.

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