10 Facts about Rolly Pollies

Post On: August 17, 2018

Facts about Rolly Pollies elaborate the ideas about a terrestrial crustacean group. It is included in the family woodlice. Rolly pollies are also called as armadillidiidae. They are included in the order of Isopoda. The Rolly pollies have a unique ability because they can roll the body into a ball. There is no need to wonder that Rolly pollies are very different from other woodlouse families. The animals have the similarity with the pill millipedes. Let us find out other interesting facts about Rolly pollies below:

Facts about Rolly Pollies 1: other name of the family

Due to be unique ability, the family also receives a different name other than rolly pollies. They are also called as doodlebugs, pill bugs and woodlice.

Facts about Rolly Pollies 2: the common pill bug

The common pill bug is considered as the best-known species of rolly pollies. It is called Armadillidium vulgare.

Rolly Pollies Facts

Rolly Pollies Facts

Facts about Rolly Pollies 3: the origin of rolly pollies

If you think that rolly pollies are from America, you are very wrong. They are originally from Europe. The animals were introduced to America from Europe.

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Facts about Rolly Pollies 4: conglobation

Conglobation is a process used to call the ability of the pill bugs to roll their body into the ball shape. This ability is also spotted on cuckoo wasps, armadillos, and pill millipedes. There is no need to wonder that some people are often confused to differentiate between pill millipedes and pill bugs. Actually, both are different animals.

Facts about Rolly Pollies 5: the function of rolling the body

Rolling the body into a ball is very important in the life of Rolly pollies because they use it for protection from the predators. The loss of water can also be decreased during the respiratory process when they roll the body into a ball. The pressure and vibration will lead the rolly pollies to do it.

Facts about Rolly Pollies

Facts about Rolly Pollies

Facts about Rolly Pollies 6: the diet

The primary foods for rolly pollies are wood fibers, leaves, and decomposed plants. They also eat fruits, tubers, roots, and stems.

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Facts about Rolly Pollies 7: as a pest

In the agricultural system, rolly pollies are considered as pest. They can be spotted in the areas with high risk of flood and heavy rains.

Facts about Rolly Pollies 8: crop plants

The crop plants that the rolly pollies ruin are strawberry, spinach, cucumber, beans, corn, melon, squash, beans, beet and chard.

Rolly Pollies

Rolly Pollies

Facts about Rolly Pollies 9: the importance of rolly pollies

Rolly pollies play an important role as a decomposer in the ecosystem. The centipedes, spiders, toads, birds and wasps have the food source from the rolly pollies.

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Facts about Rolly Pollies 10: the genera in the family Armadillidiidae

The genera of Armadillidiidae include Schizidium, Echinarmadillidium, Armadillidium, Echinarmadillidium and others.

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