10 Facts about Roman Architecture

Post On: August 18, 2018

The following Facts about Roman Architecture will tell the readers about ancient Roman buildings and structures. Though some parts of the Roman architecture reminds you with the ancient Greek style, both of them are very different. The Roman architecture was the new form of Greek architecture. When people talk about the Roman and Green architecture, both are always included in the classical architectures. The peak of the Roman architecture was noted during the Roman Republic and Roman Empire. Many of them still survive today. Let me show you more facts about Roman architecture below:

Facts about Roman Architecture 1: the construction

The Roman buildings featured the well-engineered and sturdy materials such as concrete. The dome and arch were infused in the buildings using the new technology. Some of the buildings still survive until today. That is why many people are interested to visit Rome because they want to view the historical buildings.

Facts about Roman Architecture 2: the period of Roman architecture

The Roman architecture took place between 509 BC and the fourth century AD. It was during the foundation of Roman Republic. After the period, it was called the Byzantine Architecture.

Roman Architecture Facts

Roman Architecture Facts

Facts about Roman Architecture 3: the survived buildings

Most buildings during the Roman Architecture, which survived today, are mostly from the later empire in 100 AD. Before 100 AD, the examples of the survived buildings were limited.

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Facts about Roman Architecture 4: the importance and popularity

Roman architecture was important and popular since it had affected the future styled buildings in the country. The Romanesque architecture was derived from the Roman architecture. It was flourished in 1000 in Western Europe. Today, many people are interested to go to Rome and enjoy the beauty of the historical sites. There is noe neede to be wonder that it becomes one of the most visited cities in Europe. Are you interested to go to Rome?

Facts about Roman Architecture 5: the originality

The originality of Roman architecture was noticed during the Imperial Period.

Roman Architecture

Roman Architecture

Facts about Roman Architecture 6: the decorative accent

The decorative accent found in Roman architecture was grandeur and elaborate. However, the Composite and Tuscany orders were stylistic in development.

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Facts about Roman Architecture 7: the greatest achievement

The greatest achievement of Roman architecture was spotted in the period of 40 BC to 230 AD. It declined due to the crisis.

Facts about Roman Architecture 8: the public buildings

During the time, the public buildings in Rome were constructed in massive design and size. In Pompeii and Ostia, the hot and cold water pipe was built.

Facts about Roman Architecture

Facts about Roman Architecture

Facts about Roman Architecture 9: the under floor heating

Ostia Antica featured the hypocaust or mica glazing. It was used for the under floor heating.

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Facts about Roman Architecture 10: concrete

Concrete was considered as a new material in Roman architecture because it replaced stone and brick.

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