10 Facts about Roman Armour

Post On: August 20, 2018

Facts about Roman Armour give the people the information about one of the Roman military personal weapons. The design was unique which differentiated them from the barbarian enemies. However, the equipment and armor were not always in the same quality with the high status military men. If you think that all Roman soldiers wore the armor, you are very wrong. There was no armor or little armor for the light infantry in the early republic. The primary reasons of the lack of armor for the light infantry were the cost problem and easier movement for the troops. Various kinds of armour were available for the legionary soldiers in the first and second centuries. Here are other interesting facts about Roman Armour below:

Facts about Roman Armour 1: the types of Roman armours

The types of armour worn by the Roman soldiers included lorica segmentata, scale armour and mail shirts. The former one is defined as the laminated strip cuirass. It provided the superior protection due to the complexity of the armor design. The mail armour was lorica hamata and lorica squamata. The latter one is scale armour.

Facts about Roman Armour 2: the modern replicas

It is hard for the missile strikes and direct hit to penetrate the body when the soldiers wore the modern replicas of Roman armour.

Facts about Roman Armour

Facts about Roman Armour

Facts about Roman Armour 3: the importance of padding

Padding was important for the soldiers. They should wear padding before the armour to prevent any bruising on the body because of the prolonged use of armour. When a weapon hit the armour, the padding would prevent any shock. However, it was not easy for the soldiers to maintain it. The production for this armor was also high.

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Facts about Roman Armour 4: the armour in the third century

The main armor was produced to replace segmentata armor by the third century. The metal armour was worn by the late soldiers according to the artistic record.

Facts about Roman Armour 5: the actual instance of mail and scale armor

The fourth century context featured the actual instances of the mail and scale armours. The iron or bronze cuirasses were mostly worn by the officers.

Roman Armour Facts

Roman Armour Facts

Facts about Roman Armour 6: the type of armour in the early Roman Empire

During the early Roman Empire, The type of body armor worn by the soldiers was Lorica segmentata.

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Facts about Roman Armour 7: the design of Lorica segmentata

Have you ever seen the picture of Lorica segmentata? It had broad ferrous strips. The horizontal arrangement was spotted on the strips.

Facts about Roman Armour 8: the additional strips

Lorica segmentata featured the additional strips for more protection on the shoulders and upper parts of the body. The soldiers could separate the sections of the armour into four pieces. Thus, it was easier for them to store the armour in compact shape.

Roman Armour

Roman Armour

Facts about Roman Armour 9: who wore Lorica segmentata?

Lorica segmentata was believed to wear by the praetorians and legionaries.

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Facts about Roman Armour 10: the level of protection

The level of protection for Lorica segmentata was higher than lorica hamata.

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