10 Facts about Roman Catacombs

Post On: August 20, 2018

Facts about Roman Catacombs give the information about an underground burial place located in Rome, Italy. In the current decades, at least 40 Roman catacombs were traced back in the early second century AD. All people from Rome with different religions were buried inside catacombs. However, most of them were mostly known as Christian burials. The bodies might be mixed together or have separate catacombs. Due to the shortage of land, some of them were mixed inside the same catacombs. The underground chambers were also used by the Etruscans to bury the bodies just like other people from Europe. Check other interesting facts about Roman catacombs below:

Facts about Roman Catacombs 1: cremation

Cremation was considered as the original custom for the Roman people regarding to the tradition revolving the dead. The urn, ash chest or a pot would be used to keep the remains of the burnt.

Facts about Roman Catacombs 2: burial of unburnt remains

It was common for the dead not to be burn in Rome during the second century AD onward. The body would be kept inside an ornate sarcophagi or graves. The simple graves were for the low class people. Money matters when selecting the design of the graves.

Roman Catacomb Facts

Roman Catacomb Facts

Facts about Roman Catacombs 3: the Christian point of view

The Christians had a belief about the bodily resurrection in the Second Coming. Therefore, it had preference on burying the body rather than burning it.

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Facts about Roman Catacombs 4: the art history

The art history during the Beginning of Christian art was affected by the Christian catacombs. They mostly featured the gold glass medallion, sculpture and in fresco which became the source of art in the past.

Facts about Roman Catacombs 5: the first large catacombs

The excavation of the first large catacombs took place in Rome vicinity. They were trace back in the second century. The location of the catacombs was outside the city limit of Rome. The law in Rome forbade any burial inside the city.

Roman Catacombs

Roman Catacombs

Facts about Roman Catacombs 6: the social class

The social class was important in Rome for it would determine the type of the burial place. The lower class or slaves were occupied by the most Christians and Jews. The dead would be buried according to their custom. Since they were from the low class society, it would be hard to buy a land to bury the dead. Therefore, a burial ground was dug on the city limit to bury the dead.

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Facts about Roman Catacombs 7: the size of burial niches

The height of the burial niches was between 16 and 24 inches. The length was 47 to 59 inches.

Facts about Roman Catacombs 8: the bodies

The dead body would have clothes. The linen was used to bind it. Then it will be put inside the stone sarcophagi.

Facts about Roman Catacombs

Facts about Roman Catacombs

Facts about Roman Catacombs 9: the chamber

The information related to the day of the death, age and name were found on the chamber.

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Facts about Roman Catacombs 10: the evidence of Early Christian art

The evidence of Early Christian art was known from the fresco decoration on catacombs.

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