10 Facts about Roman Chester

Post On: August 21, 2018

Facts about Roman Chester elaborate the interesting information about the legionary town and fortress. Roman Chester is often called as the Deva or Deva Victrix. The location of Deva was in the modern city of Chester or Roman province of Britannia. Have you ever visited the fortress before? In AD 70s, the Legio II Adiutrix established in the fortress. Legio XX Valeria Victrix completely rebuilt the Roman Chester. The process of rebuilding the fortress also took place again in the beginning of the third century. Let us find out other interesting facts about Roman Chester below:

Facts about Roman Chester 1: the disuse

It was not used anymore in the end of the fourth and beginning of the fifth century. Around the fortress, the area was inhabited by the canabee or civilian settlement.

Facts about Roman Chester 2: military amphitheatre

In Britain, the largest known military amphitheatre is Chester Roman Amphitheatre. It is located southwest of Roman Chester. Even though the Romans departed from Britannia, the civilian settlement located around the fortress still existed.

Roman Chester Facts

Roman Chester Facts

Facts about Roman Chester 3: peripheral settlements

Roman Chester was surrounded with some peripheral settlements such as Minerva Shrine, Handbridge and Boughton. The latter one was the water supply of garrison. The site of the sandstone quarry was the Boughton.

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Facts about Roman Chester 4: the elements

Roman Chester had a number of elements such as military baths, elliptical building, headquarters, granaries, and barracks. It probably would be used as the headquarters of the Britain’s governor.

Facts about Roman Chester 5: comparison

If you compare Roman Chester with other Roman fortresses in Britain, the former one was 20 percent larger. The elliptical shape of the fortress made Deva unique. Therefore, the people believe that it would be used as the capital for the Great Britain under the Romans or the base for invading Ireland under Roman troops.

Roman Chester

Roman Chester1

Facts about Roman Chester 6: the settlement

The elected council had the right to administer the canabee legionis or the civilian settlement. It became a veteran colony after the legionaries retired from his job.

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Facts about Roman Chester 7: the Roman tombstones

You can spot the Roman tombstones. More than 150 tombstones are housed inside the Grosvenor Museum.

Facts about Roman Chester 8: the extended settlement

The settlement around Roman Chester was extended to the east, west and south. Around 980 feet or 300 m outside Roman Chester, the shops were established on the road. The west side featured the civilian baths. The parade ground was found on the east side. The large coaching house known as mansion was found on the south.

Facts about Roman Chester

Facts about Roman Chester

Facts about Roman Chester 9: population

The population on the settlement was increased in the second and third centuries.

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Facts about Roman Chester 10: construction

The local sandstone was used for constructing the Roman Chester.

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