10 Facts about Roman Clothing

Post On: August 21, 2018

Let us find out the information about the way the people in ancient Rome dressed up on Facts about Roman Clothing. The women and girls usually wore the sleeved tunic. The men and boy wore the knee length tunic. The Roman clothing was sleeveless and short sleeved during the ancient Rome. During the marriage, the women would be dressed with a palla. It was a woolen mantle. It will be hung over a simple long sleeved garment known as stola. On the other hand, the men wore a tunic with a woolen toga draping over it. Here are other interesting facts about Roman clothing:

Facts about Roman Clothing 1: the importance of Roman clothing

Clothing plays an important role in the life of the Romans. The social class, rank, status and gender would be determined according to their footwear, clothes, accessories and accoutrements. The social class can also been seen on the seating for the people in the festivals, games and public theatres. The military officials, priests and magistrates would have different style of dressing.

Facts about Roman Clothing 2: the national costume

The national costume of Rome was toga. However, the Romans would love to wear the comfortable, easy, simple, casual and practical types of clothes.

Facts about Roman Clothing

Facts about Roman Clothing

Facts about Roman Clothing 3: the tunic

All social classes in Rome would wear the tunic for it was considered as the basic type of clothes. It was created from linen.

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Facts about Roman Clothing 4: the cold weather

The cold weather forced the Romans to wear thicker clothes. The hats, coats and cloaks were common for the cold season. Moreover, the people would like to wear the full-length trousers.

Facts about Roman Clothing 5: the footwear

What about the footwear for the Roman people? There were various kinds of sandals, boots, slippers and shoes for the urban Romans. Clogs were common for the Romans in the countryside.

Roman Clothing Facts

Roman Clothing Facts

Facts about Roman Clothing 6: the structures and forms

The Roman clothing has basic and simple forms. The tailors would need time, knowledge and skill to finish a piece of cloth though the cutting and tailoring was minimal. All clothes were handmade.

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Facts about Roman Clothing 7: Livia

Homespun clothing was common among the wealthy Romans. Livia who was Augustus wife liked to wear that kind of clothes.

Facts about Roman Clothing 8: the specialist artisan

The specialist artisan also produced clothes for the people who could not afford the homespun clothing.

Roman Clothing

Roman Clothing

Facts about Roman Clothing 9: the price

If you think that a simple Roman cloth is cheap, you are very wrong. The Romans had to pay more for a simple cloth.

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Facts about Roman Clothing 10: recycling clothes

Recycling clothes were common in Rome. They would be passed from the high social class to the lower one.

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