10 Facts about Roman Dorchester

Post On: August 22, 2018

Facts about Roman Dorchester will give you the interesting information about the Roman town of Dorchester. It is located in the present day Dorset. A county located in Modern England. The Latin name of the Roman town was Durnovaria. The name contains two elements. The first one durno probably means fist. The second one means a den or a confined area. Probably the word means great fist. You will get more information about Dorchester by reading the following post below:

Facts about Roman Dorchester 1: the population

The hill fort of Maiden Castle was the home for the pre Roman population. It became the center of people. The location was around 3.2 kilometers or miles from Dorchester

Facts about Roman Dorchester 2: Mortimer Wheeler

Mortimer Wheeler was capable to excavate the war cemetery of the people. It was believed that the Roman invasion in the population was resisted by the inhabitants according to the finding.

Facts about Roman Dorchester

Facts about Roman Dorchester

Facts about Roman Dorchester 3: Romano-British temple

Romano-British temple was built in the fourth century. It was located there.

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Facts about Roman Dorchester 4: a small garrison fort

After the Romans were capable to take over the Britain, Legio II of Augusta constructed a small garrison in the site of the modern day Dorchester.

Facts about Roman Dorchester 5: a civilian settlement

Roman Dorchester was changed into a civilian settlement in AD 70 after the military left it.

Roman Dorchester

Roman Dorchester

Facts about Roman Dorchester 6: development of the civilian settlement

Since the site was transformed into a civilian settlement, it should be developed to support the life of the inhabitants. Thus, the artificial water supply was constructed. The public buildings and streets were established. The earlier boundaries were no more after the street plan was organized.

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Facts about Roman Dorchester 7: the local market center

It appeared as an essential market center for the locals. People could find the pottery shale and Purbeck marble in the market. They were from New Forest and Poole Harbour. The second century marked a new beginning for Roman Dorchester because its territory was expanded to the North West.

Facts about Roman Dorchester 8: Maumbury Rings

Have you ever heard about Maumbury Rings? The town had a Neolithic henge monument called Maumbury Rings. It was transformed into an amphitheatre by the middle of the century.



Facts about Roman Dorchester 9: material

Before the third century, most buildings in amphitheatre were created from timber. Later it was replaced with stone. The mosaic floors were often spotted inside the houses of the wealthy people. The departure of Romans from the town marked the decline of the city though little was known about it.

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Facts about Roman Dorchester 10: the Roman features

The Roman features are still spotted in the modern day Dorchester. You can spot them on the Roman town house and town walls. You can also visit the County Museum to find out the collections of Roman finds.

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