10 Facts about Roman Education

Post On: August 22, 2018

Find out the interesting information about the education in ancient Rome on Facts about Roman Education. In the beginning of the Roman Republic, the education system in Rome was in familial and informal style. During the late Republic and Empire, the Roman education was based on the tuition. The Greek system heavily affected the Roman education. That is why the Greek slaves and freedmen often became a private tutor in Roman education. The provinces also applied the Roman curriculum and educational methodology. It also used as the base of educational system in the later Western civilization. Let us get other interesting facts about Roman education below:

Facts about Roman Education 1: the Roman educational process

The Roman educational process was not highly noticed by the people. During the Second century AD, people began to recognize the educational process in Rome due to the accounts and sources.

Facts about Roman Education 2: the level of quality

Each family had different level of education for their children due to the higher power soon the paterfamilias. However, the society believed that better education was needed when they wanted the kids to enter politics.

Roman Education Pictures

Roman Education Pictures

Facts about Roman Education 3: the formal schools

The formal schools were established during the height of Roman Republic and Roman Empire. The students should pay for the school fee. Boys and girls had access to education. However, they were not put in the same class.

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Facts about Roman Education 4: the level of education

The Roman education had a number of levels. The kids would be sent to the primary school. Then they would continue the education into the secondary school. The last one was the college.

Facts about Roman Education 5: ability

The ability of the students during the education would play an important role to determine their progression. Age did not matter.

Roman Education

Roman Education

Facts about Roman Education 6: patria potestas

Patria potestas had a big role in Roman society where the father served as the paterfamilias or head of household.

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Facts about Roman Education 7: the adoption of Greek education

Greek education was adopted by Romans. However, athletic and music only got a little attention from the Romans. They did not believe that the music made the people educated. When it comes about athletic, the Romans believed that it was only used to maintain the best soldiers. On the other hand, Greeks believed that having a beautiful and healthy body could be achieved through athletics.

Facts about Roman Education 8: the role of parents

The parents had an important role as the first teacher for the children during the early republic. They taught the kids about military, domestic and agricultural skills.

Facts about Roman Education

Facts about Roman Education

Facts about Roman Education 9: Cato the Elder

Cato the Elder took his role as a teacher for their kids seriously since he taught them on how to do athletic, understand law and read.

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Facts about Roman Education 10: the role of boys and girls

The girls were expended to devote their life for husband and family. On the other hands, the boys should put the state first.

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