10 Facts about Roman Entertainment

Post On: August 23, 2018

Facts about Roman Entertainment inform the readers about the types of recreational activities conducted by the Romans during the ancient period. There was a place in the ancient city of Rome functioned as field playground and track called the Campus. The location was nearby the Tiber. At first, the Roman soldiers used it as a drill ground. The Campus was frequently visited by the emperors like Julius Caesar and Augustus. The popularity of having the Campus spread into other parts outside Rome such as in the military settlements and urban centers. Let us find out other interesting facts about Roman Entertainment below:

Facts about Roman Entertainment 1: the activities in the Campus

Various activities were conducted in the Campus. The Roman youths liked to spend their time practicing some sports. Others decide to exercise and play.

Facts about Roman Entertainment 2: the sports

The popular sports that the youths like to play in the campus were wrestling, racing, boxing and jumping. Other popular physical activities among the youths were also swimming, throwing and riding. Hunting and fishing were other two most popular activities in the pastime in the countryside area in Rome.

Roman Entertainment

Roman Entertainment

Facts about Roman Entertainment 3: the role of women

The activities in the Campus were mostly for men. Women were not allowed to participate in any of these activities.

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Facts about Roman Entertainment 4: ball playing

The Romans were also interested to play games or activities using balls. That is why they also had football, catch, field hockey and handball. The latter one was called Expulsim Ludere.

Facts about Roman Entertainment 5: the board games

The board games are not the product of the modern people since they had been around since the ancient period. The people in Ancient Rome liked to play tic-tac-toes, Roman chess, dice and Roman checkers. Each game had their own Latin name. For instance, Roman checker was called Calculi in ancient Rome.

Facts about Roman Entertainment

Facts about Roman Entertainment

Facts about Roman Entertainment 6: other forms of entertainment

The Romans also had other forms of entertainments, which amazed the crowds of people, such theatrical performance, musical performance, chariot races, gladiatorial combat, and public executions.

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Facts about Roman Entertainment 7: Rome’s amphitheatre

The famous Rome’s amphitheatre was located at Colosseum. At least 60,000 spectators could sit inside the Colosseum. Besides spending their time in the Colosseum and Campus, the Romans also liked to spend their time in brothels, bathhouses, and bars.

Facts about Roman Entertainment 8: bathing

In the ancient Rome, bathing was considered as an important activity in the society and culture.

Roman Entertainment Facts

Roman Entertainment Facts

Facts about Roman Entertainment 9: the tradition of bathing

The tradition of bathing was different in Rome for it was considered as a communal activity.

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Facts about Roman Entertainment 10: the public bath

The public bath was constructed in Rome. It would be accessed by all levels of classes. The wealthy ones usually had their private bath.

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