10 Facts about Roman Games

Post On: August 23, 2018

Have you ever read Facts about Roman Games? If you have not, the following post will give details about the armed combatant games called the gladiator game. This violent game was popular during the Roman Republic and Roman Imperial periods. The spectators would gather inside the amphitheater to watch the show. They were entertained by the fight between the gladiator, criminals and wild animals. The gladiator game has been used as a subject in many pop cultures like movies and TV series. Let us get other interesting facts about Roman games below:

Facts about Roman Games 1: the appearance in the arena

Death was considered as the biggest risk for a gladiator who appeared in the arena. To appear there, they had to sacrifice their social class, legal status and life. However, they could earn popularity and admiration from the spectators if they won the game.

Facts about Roman Games 2: the importance of gladiator game

The gladiator game was important in the life of the Romans during the Republic and Imperial period for it was considered as a high game. Moreover, people valued the game as a fun entertainment.

Facts about Roman Games

Facts about Roman Games

Facts about Roman Games 3: the origin

The debate about the origin of the gladiator game still occurred until today. Some believe that it was traced back in the third century BC during the funeral rite in the Punic Wars.

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Facts about Roman Games 4: the popularity

Due to the increased popularity of the game, the Romans applied extravagant look on the game. There is no need to wonder that it was an expensive game to play.

Facts about Roman Games 5: the golden age

The golden age of the gladiator game took place in the first century BC until the second century AD. Its popularity lasted for at least 1,000 years.

Roman Games Facts

Roman Games Facts

Facts about Roman Games 6: decline of gladiator game

Due to the adoption of Christianity as an official state church in the Roman Empire in 380, the gladiator game‘s popularity was decreased. Until the sixth century, the Romans continued their beast hunting.

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Facts about Roman Games 7: preparation before the game

Advertisement would take place before the gladiator game was held. The Romans would be informed about the venue, gladiators, date and editor of the gladiator game on billboards. The spectators were also informed about the additional forms of entertainment that they could watch during the game such as the music, execution or venations.

Facts about Roman Games 8: the night before the game

The night before the game, the gladiators would be served with their last meals that they could choose according to their personal taste.

Roman Games

Roman Games

Facts about Roman Games 9: the beginning of the game

The beast hunts and beast fighters usually were used to entertain the spectators in the beginning of the game.

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Facts about Roman Games 10: training

Some gladiators had training before they went to the arena because the spectators preferred to watch the high skilled gladiators.

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