10 Facts about Roman Law

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You can find out more about the legal system in Rome by reading Facts about Roman Law. The legal development in the state took places for thousands of years. Circa 449 BC, the Twelve Tables took place. In 529 AD, Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I ordered the Corpus Juris Civilis. The basis of civil law today is highly affected by the Roman law. The use of Latin legal terminology until this presents shows the importance of Roman law. The Eastern Roman Empire began to adopt the Roman law after the Western Roman Empire was dissolved. Greek was used as the legal language in East from the seventh century onward. Until the late of 18th century, most of Western Europe applied the Roman law as their legal law. Under the Holy Roman Empire in Germany, it was applied for the longer run. Let us find out other interesting facts about Roman Law below:

Facts about Roman Law 1: the influence of Roman law

The influence of Roman law is spotted in various countries in the world such as in Anglo American and English speaking countries. The former colonies of European countries like Ethiopia and Latin America are also influenced.

Facts about Roman Law 2: Latinate legal glossary

Pacta sunt servanda, culpa in contrahendo and stare decisis are some latin legal glosary borrowed from Roman Law.

Facts about Roman Law

Facts about Roman Law

Facts about Roman Law 3: Corpus Juris Civilis

Corpus Juris Civilis is also important in the development of law in some countries in Eastern Europe. The Roman law was mixed with the local law so that both could accommodate the interest of the people.

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Facts about Roman Law 4: the Roman law before Twelve Table

The Roman civil law was influenced by the private law before the Twelve Table. It was applied for the Roman citizens.

Facts about Roman Law 5: Sextus Pomponius

The kings ruled the states with their laws. therefore, the fixed rights and laws were not perceived during the beginning of Rome according to Sextus Pomponius, a jurist.

Roman Law Pic

Roman Law Pic

Facts about Roman Law 6: the root of Roman law

The root of Roman law from the Etruscan religion for it focused on the ritual.

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Facts about Roman Law 7: the importance of Twelve Table

The Law of Twelve Table was important for it marked the beginning of the first legal text in Rome. It was traced back in the mid fifth century BC.

Facts about Roman Law 8: the purpose of having Law of Twelve Table

The Law of Twelve Table was enacted to avoid any law arbitrary applied by the magistrates.

Roman Law

Roman Law

Facts about Roman Law 9: record the law

The law was written by ten appointed Roman citizens in 451 BC. The restriction of Magistrates’ power was spotted.

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Facts about Roman Law 10: the destroyed tablets

The Law of Twelve Table was recorded on tables. However, the Gauls burned them after they conquered Rome in 387 BC.

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