10 Facts about Roman Legions

Post On: August 24, 2018

Facts about Roman Legions talk about the large unit of Roman Army. The term legion was taken from Latin word of legio. It means military levy. The term legio was used to cover the entire Roman army in the beginning of Roman kingdom. However, the reliability of the sources was doubted. It is believed that the legion consisted of five thousand soldiers. However, the number could be varied over the time. The legion also had a number of divisions. It had three lines with ten maniples during the Republican period. Find out other impressive facts about Roman legions below:

Facts about Roman Legions 1: the division o Roman legions

The division of Roman legion was varied over the period. It had ten cohorts at the end of the republic. Each cohort features around five to six centuries. The small cavalry and ala unit were included in the legion.

Facts about Roman Legions 2: the smaller unit

The smaller unit of legion was spotted during the third century AD. It consisted of 1,000 to 1,500 soldiers. The smaller one was also noted during the fourth century AD.

Facts about Roman Legions

Facts about Roman Legions

Facts about Roman Legions 3: the influence

The ancient Greek and Macedonian phalanx heavily affected the ways the Romans functioned and organized their legion.

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Facts about Roman Legions 4: the members of the legions

All members of the legion were the Roman citizens. They took the role as the elite heavy infantry during the imperial period. Though legion was exclusive, most soldiers in Roman army were occupied by auxiliaries.

Facts about Roman Legions 5: the foundation of Roman legion

The foundation of a Roman legion was traced back before 40 BC. This legion still existed until the 5th century.

Roman Legion

Roman Legion

Facts about Roman Legions 6: the most notable legion

In 43 BC, Augustus established the most notable legion under the name Legio V Macedonica. During the Islamic conquest of Egypt in the seventh century, the legion was in Egypt.

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Facts about Roman Legions 7: wealth and social class

The two major factors, which affected the position of the male citizens in the Roman army, were the social class and wealth.

Facts about Roman Legions 8: the Roman Imperial

Two consuls were appointed to oversee the two separate legions. Before the fall of the Roman Republic, there was only one legion. It was divided into two during the beginning of Imperial Period.

Roman Legions

Roman Legions

Facts about Roman Legions 9: the wars

Roman Imperial was marked with various wars, which involved the deployment of legion. Ten legions were used during three threats from foreigners in 494 BC. It was under the order of Manius Valerius Maximus.

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Facts about Roman Legions 10: formal organization

In the fourth century BC, the formal organization of legion took place.

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