10 Facts about Roman Leisure Time

Post On: August 24, 2018

You will get more information about the ways the Romans used their free time on facts about Roman Leisure Time. The modern people use their leisure time to watch movies, play video games, sing a song, or even read their favorite books. The Romans used their leisure time differently since they had not been affected by the presence of technology. The Romans focused on physical activities. They exercised and played during the leisure time. They liked racing, wrestling, jumping and boxing. Hunting and fishing were the two most noted hobbies of the wealthy Romans in the pastime. Let us find out other interesting facts about Roman leisure time below:

Facts about Roman Leisure Time 1: ball playing

One of the interesting activities conducted by the Romans was ball playing. It came in a number of forms. One of them looked like a handball played in the modern time.

Facts about Roman Leisure Time 2: other popular activities

Other popular activities conducted during the leisure time included board games, dice games, and gamble games.

Facts about Roman Leisure Time

Facts about Roman Leisure Time

Facts about Roman Leisure Time 3: the role of women

Only men could participate in the public game and physical activities. Women were not allowed to do them.

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Facts about Roman Leisure Time 4: dinner parties

The dinner parties also important for the life of the wealthy people. They would be entertained by the host for it had poetry reading, dancing and musical performance. The associations and clubs usually launched the dinner parties. One of the games that the kids liked to have in the dinner parties was leapfrog. The kids were also preoccupied with their own toys.

Facts about Roman Leisure Time 5: the public games

The leading Romans sponsored the public games and events to entertain the people. The emperor usually was the one who gave the approval on the public game and entertainment.

Roman Leisure Time Facts

Roman Leisure Time Facts

Facts about Roman Leisure Time 6: Colosseum

Due to the importance of public entertainment and games, the Colosseum was built in a number of locations in the state. The primary function was to hold to event and accommodate many people in it. The gladiatorial combat, public executions and chariot racing were held here. Before they would be held, an advertisement would be made so that all Romans could gather here. The women could only watch the chariot racing.

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Facts about Roman Leisure Time 7: gladiator game

One of the most popular public games was the gladiatorial game. In some cases, the participants had to fight until they died.

Facts about Roman Leisure Time 8: exotic animals

The Romans were also entertained with exotic animal shows.

Roman Leisure Time

Roman Leisure Time

Facts about Roman Leisure Time 9: chariot racing

The Circus Maximus was the common place to hold the chariot racing. A number of team would be in the racing.

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Facts about Roman Leisure Time 10: public bathing

Another activity conducted by the Romans in their leisure time was to do public bathing.

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