10 Facts about Roman Mythology

Post On: August 25, 2018

Facts about Roman Mythology tell the readers about the legendary origin and religious system of the ancient Rome. If you check the art and literature of the Romans, the mythology was the primary subject. They considered the narratives or mythology as history though it often contained the supernatural story. The primary topics in the Roman mythology were heroism, morality and politics. The Romans should be able to relate their responsibility for the state and community. The ritual was more important to do during the religious practice among the Romans. Let us get other interesting facts about Roman mythology below:

Facts about Roman Mythology 1: Greek influence

The Greek influence on the Roman mythology was hard to resist. The Roman authors imitated the literary models of the Greek authors. During the protohistory of Rome, the Italian peninsula was highly affected by the Greek religion. There is no need to wonder that some gods and goddesses in Roman religion were the same as Greeks. However, they were named differently.

Facts about Roman Mythology 2: Etruscan religion

The dynamic relationship of the Romans and Etruscan religion was depicted during the early legend of mythology in Rome. However, the depiction was not as detail as the one found in Greek mythology.

Roman Mythology Facts

Roman Mythology Facts

Facts about Roman Mythology 3: the divine narratives

The divine narratives of Roman mythology were not depicted as extensive as the one in Greek myth.

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Facts about Roman Mythology 4: the classical mythology

The classical mythology was mostly interpreted from the narrative of the Romans toward the Greek literature and myth.

Facts about Roman Mythology 5: European painting

European painting was inspired from the Roman myth during the Renaissance until 18th century. The human actors were considered as the primary focus on the mythological narratives of the Romans.

Roman Mythology

Roman Mythology

Facts about Roman Mythology 6: the sources of Roman mythology

Dionysius’ Roman Antiquities, Fasti of Ovid and of Livy’s history were some important sources of Roman mythology.

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Facts about Roman Mythology 7: the appearance of Roman mythology

The Roman mythology has appeared in a number of artworks. You can spot them on the sculpture, coins and wall painting of the buildings. The relief in Rome also featured the mythological story.

Facts about Roman Mythology 8: the founding myth

If you are interested to notice the founding myth of Rome, you have to check the early historical sources written by Livy and Aeneid.

Facts about Roman Mythology

Facts about Roman Mythology

Facts about Roman Mythology 9: morality and politics

As I have stated before, morality and politics were important in Roman mythology. However, the mythology also presents the failure of the Romans to keep the morality. The case was spotted on the Rape of Sabine women.

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Facts about Roman Mythology 10: the important stories in Roman mythology

Some of the important stories of Roman mythologies include the stories about Lucretia, Rape of Sabine Women and The Tarpeian Rock.

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