10 Facts about Roman Republic

Post On: August 27, 2018

I will inform the interesting information about the classical Roman civilization on Facts about Roman Republic. The beginning of the Republic was in 509 BC. The foundation of Roman Empire ended the Roman Republic in 27 BC. At that time, the Romans were capable to expand their territory in the Mediterranean regions. During the existence of Roman Republic, the state had to deal with many wars. The Latin, Gauls and Etruscan were considered as the major enemies of Roman Republic. Rome was attacked in 387 BC. Let us get other detail information about Roman Republic below:

Facts about Roman Republic 1: catastrophic loss

Roman Republic had to deal with catastrophic despite its attempt to save the state and overcome it.

Facts about Roman Republic 2: the Italian Peninsula

Over a hundred years, the Italian peninsula was under the control of Rome. There is no need to wonder that Roman Republic became the primary ruler in Mediterranean regions at that time. However, Roman Republic had to deal with many enemies and involved in various wars to maintain its position. It had a three-year war with the Carthage.

Roman Republic Pic

Roman Republic Pic

Facts about Roman Republic 3: invasion to Italy

Italy was invaded and defeated by the Carthage. However, it was capable to fight back and earned victory in 202 during Battle of Zama. Roman Republic was capable to defeat the Cartage which made the state appeared as the sole power in the ancient world.

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Facts about Roman Republic 4: conquest

It was not easy for the Roman Republic to conquer other areas. Do you know that the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra was also defeated by the Romans? Other important figures in the history defeated by the Republic included the great Pontic king Mithridates VI, Perseus of Macedon, the Numidian Jugurtha and Antiochus III of the Seleucid Empire.

Facts about Roman Republic 5: the civil wars

Roman Republic had to deal with not only the international war, but also civil wars. The latter ones were caused by the political and social crises.

Roman Republic

Roman Republic

Facts about Roman Republic 6: the rise of great general

The rise of great general took place in the last decade of the Roman Republic. The political system in the state was at the hand of the generals who were capable to control the state using their military power.

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Facts about Roman Republic 7: the famous generals

Some of the famous generals in Roman Republic included Julius Caesar, Pompey, Sulla and Marius.

Facts about Roman Republic 8: the death of Julius Caesar

Caesar was assassinated by Brutus and Cassius. At that time, he was only 44 years old.

Facts about Roman Republic

Facts about Roman Republic

Facts about Roman Republic 9: the first Roman Emperor

The Roman Republic ended in 27 BC after Octavian was appointed as the first Roman Emperor.

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Facts about Roman Republic 10: Augustus

Octavian took the name Augustus when he became the first emperor of Rome.

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