10 Facts about Roman Schools

Post On: August 27, 2018

Facts about Roman Schools explain the education and school system in ancient Roman Period. Before the third century BC, the Romans did not have any formal education system. The education of the Romans was centered on the family and home. The moral education was taught by parents at home instead of school. This style was very different from the Greek since the latter had effective educational system. The community played an active role to teach the Greek boys. Parents were considered as the important people who taught the children about moral education in Rome. Let us get other details about Roman schools by reading the whole post below:

Facts about Roman Schools 1: education in the early republic

During the early republic, the Roman kids had their education and skills from the parents. The skills were centered on military, domestic and agricultural skills. Since they would serve as the citizens, they were expected to follow the civil and moral obligation in Rome.

Facts about Roman Schools 2: competitive education system

The educational system in Rome was competitive. However, the class stability was still maintained since the education system was controlled by the elites. It would be hard to reach the highest education for low class due to the expensive education.

Facts about Roman Schools

Facts about Roman Schools

Facts about Roman Schools 3: Grammaticus

The boys from wealthy family would be expected to study with a Grammaticus when he was 9 to 12 years old. The education was focused on the speaking and writing skills.

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Facts about Roman Schools 4: apprentices

The boys from the low class society would follow an apprenticeship instead of studying under a Grammaticus.

Facts about Roman Schools 5: the girls

Girls were not expected to have high education. Their mothers would train them to become attractive brides.

Roman Schools Facts

Roman Schools Facts

Facts about Roman Schools 6: the daily activities at school

The daily activities at school for the wealthy boys were centered on the study of poetry analysis, expressive reading on poetry and Grammaticus.

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Facts about Roman Schools 7: bilingual education system

The students were expected to master both Latin and Greek languages. Therefore, the curriculum in Roman schools was be made in bilingual system.

Facts about Roman Schools 8: the famous grammatici

The two most notable grammatici were Marcus Verrius Flaccus and Lucius Orbilius Pupillus. The former one would like to give a rare book to his best student as a reward. Do you know that the grandsons of Augustus were taught by Flaccus? However, he never had its own schoolroom though he earned a lot of money as a teacher.

Roman Schools

Roman Schools

Facts about Roman Schools 9: rhetor

After the students finished his Grammaticus, they would move to the next level called rhetor. It was considered as the last stage in Roman education.

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Facts about Roman Schools 10: the profession

The only way that the students could do to become a politician or lawyer was by studying at rhetor. Only few of them followed rhetor.

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