10 Facts about Roman Sports

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Get the cool Facts about Roman Sports in the following post. Sport was the most entertaining activities for Romans during the ancient period. They would like to spend the time outside the house during the leisure time to practice or play sport. Of course, the types of sports played by the Romans are very different from the modern ones. The modern game of volleyball actually was a little bit similar with the wind ball or balloon ball played by the Romans. They played the game by having a leather ball. The rule was that it should never touch ground when the player passed it using their forearms or fist. Let us check the details about Roman sports by reading the whole post below:

Facts about Roman Sports 1: follis

The game of ball was called follis in ancient Rome. The term is taken from Latin language. It means leather bag. The ball used in the game was created from leather. The wooden bracer or leather gauntlet would be needed to when playing this game since the leather ball was heavy.

Facts about Roman Sports 2: Harpastum

Another type of ball sport in ancient Rome was Harpastum. It was also called as the small ball game due to the small size of the ball. It was popular during the Roman Empire.

Facts about Roman Sports

Facts about Roman Sports

Facts about Roman Sports 3: the skills needed for the ball game

The players should focus on a number of skills to succeed in the ball game. They should have greater level of physical exertion, agility and speed.

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Facts about Roman Sports 4: the rules of the game

We cannot say much about the rule of the game since the information about it was so little. However, it was stated that the game was filled with violence. A spectator had his leg broken when he was caught in the middle of the ball game in Greece. Probably this game has the same nature with rugby.

Facts about Roman Sports 5: chariot racing

The next type of sport in ancient Rome was chariot racing. It was also considered as a Byzantine, ancient Greek and Iranian sport.

Roman Sports Image

Roman Sports Image

Facts about Roman Sports 6: the risk of chariot racing

Chariot racing was not an easy sport. The risk to be injured for both the drivers and horses was high.

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Facts about Roman Sports 7: the spectators for chariot racing

Women were banned to watch for any kinds of sport. However, they could watch chariot racing.

Facts about Roman Sports 8: the location of chariot racing

The chariot racing usually would be held in circus. It could accommodate around 250,000 spectators. The Circus Maximus was considered as the primary center of chariot racing.

Roman Sports

Roman Sports

Facts about Roman Sports 9: hoop driving

The next type of popular sport in Rome was hoop driving. People were in high regard when seeing this sport.

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Facts about Roman Sports 10: the view about hoop driving

There was no philosophical view about hoop driving. The Romans considered it as a source of entertainment.

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