10 Facts about Roman Temples

Post On: August 28, 2018

The next important building in Roman culture is explained on Facts about Roman Temples. The ancient Roman temples were intended to worship the gods or goddesses. The Roman town would have at least one temple for worshipping the ancient Roman religion. The houses often feature small shrines. The temples today are considered as the primary symbol of the legacy of Roman Architecture in the past. However, it is not easy for the people to study the Roman Temples because only few of them survive. Let us check other impressive facts about Roman Temples below:

Facts about Roman Temples 1: cella

Cella is a term used to call the primary room in the Roman temple. It was filled with a small altar dedicated for the cult image of the deity.

Facts about Roman Temples 2: behind the cella

The storage for offerings for the deities and equipment for the rituals were stored inside the rooms located behind the cella.

Facts about Roman Temples

Facts about Roman Temples

Facts about Roman Temples 3: the public ceremonies

The temple precinct would accommodate the public during the ceremonies or rituals. It was rare for the ordinary people to enter the cella.

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Facts about Roman Temples 4: the architectural design

The high podium was spotted in the architectural design of a Roman temple. It has rectangular shape. The top of the steps featured a portico. Above the columns, you can spot a triangular pediment. You would not find any entrances on the rear and sides of the temple. The circular temple design was also available. The design of Roman temples usually complied with the local preference.

Facts about Roman Temples 5: the Etruscan Temples

The first influence of Roman Temples was the Etruscan temple. Then it was heavily influenced by the Greek temples.

Roman Temples Facts

Roman Temples Facts

Facts about Roman Temples 6: the location of public ceremonies

The religious ceremonies held by the public took place outside the temple. The offerings of the people would be stored or deposited inside the temple.

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Facts about Roman Temples 7: Sacrifices

Animals were often used as the sacrifices. The ritual took place inside in the temple located in open air. Some ruins of Roman temples survive until today. However, some of them were transformed into Christian churches. The decree of Emperor Honorius in 415 led into the appropriation the temples by the government.

Facts about Roman Temples 8: conversion from temples into churches

Temple of Romulus was converted into Santi Cosma e Damiano in 527. Another famous instance of conversion from temple into church is the Roman Pantheon.

Roman Temples

Roman Temples

Facts about Roman Temples 9: the design of Roman Pantheon

Roman Pantheon was considered as a unique temple due to its unconventional design. It has grandeur concrete roof with large circular layout.

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Facts about Roman Temples 10: the front building

The Roman Temple design was focused at the front part of the building while less attention was spotted on the rear and sides.

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