10 Facts about Roman Theatre

Post On: August 28, 2018

I will show you some interesting information about the theater in Rome on Facts about Roman Theatre. The Greek culture affected the Romans in many ways. The influence could be seen on their theater of Rome. The differences were spotted between the Greek and Roman theatres. The latter ones had enclosed style. Moreover, the Romans did not use earthen work to construct the theatres. They applied foundation to build the strong theatres. The presence of theatres was spotted in the areas controlled by the Romans. It spanned from Middle East to Spain. That is why; some buildings in other parts of the world were highly influenced by the Roman architecture. Let us find out other interesting facts about Roman theatres below:

Facts about Roman Theatre 1: the similarities between theatres and amphitheatres

Many events in Roman Empire were performed in the theatres and amphitheatres. The Roman concrete was used as the primary material for constructing both buildings in ancient Rome.

Facts about Roman Theatre 2: the differences between theatres and amphitheatres

Theatres and amphitheaters had different layout since both were used to hold specific events. That is why; the structures of both were different. The structure of theatres was intended to have superior acoustics. The amphitheaters were created in round shape. The semicircular form was found in the design of theatres.

Roman Theatre Facts

Roman Theatre Facts

Facts about Roman Theatre 3: the events for theatres and amphitheater

The common events played inside the Roman theatres included choral events, pantomimes, plays, commerce, and orations. On the other hand, the gladiatorial event and races were held in the amphitheatres.

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Facts about Roman Theatre 4: a podium

One of the special features in theatres was the podium. The columns were used for supporting the podium.

Facts about Roman Theatre 5: parts of the theatres

The Roman theatres consisted of a number of parts. The first one was the orchestra used for the stage performance. The auditorium was for the seating areas for the spectators. It also had an exit and entrance for the access of the spectators when entering and leaving the theatres.

Roman Theatre

Roman Theatre

Facts about Roman Theatre 6: the construction of the auditorium

The auditorium held the spectators. It would be constructed on a slope or hill. However, the Romans did not always build the theatres on the hill. The man made one was available in the city of Rome.

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Facts about Roman Theatre 7: shelter

The Roman theatres had shelter located at the top of the auditorium in the form of vela or awning. It did not feature any permanent roof.

Facts about Roman Theatre 8: the temporary theatres

The temporary theatres were available in Rome. After the festival was completed, the wooden theatres would be torn down.

Facts about Roman Theatre

Facts about Roman Theatre

Facts about Roman Theatre 9: the famous example of classic Roman theatres

If you are interested to find out the wonderful example of classic Roman theatre, you can go to Orange, France to visit the Roman theatre of Orange.

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Facts about Roman Theatre 10: the design of Roman theater of Orange

The Roman theater of Orange featured Roman architectural design.

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