10 Facts about Roman Towns

Post On: August 28, 2018

Facts about Roman Towns talk about the town under the reigns of Roman Empire and Roman Republics. Some of them were found outside Rome. Once, Britain was occupied by the Romans. There is no need to wonder that Romans towns were found in Britain since the Romans invaded the country in AD 43. The building of Roman towns is still spotted until this present day though it can be in the forms of ruins. If you check the legacy of the Celts, they only had the hill adorned with animal pens, barns, workshops or houses. They were created from logs. The Roman towns were very different since the buildings were made of bricks and stones. That is why the buildings created by Romans could last up to 2,000 years. Let us find out other interesting facts about Roman Towns below:

Facts about Roman Towns 1: the design and style of Roman Towns

Most Roman Towns that you can find in Britain were constructed in the similar layout, shape and design. The towns usually featured amphitheatres, forums, public bath, theatres and temples. Those were considered as the common buildings found in Roman Towns. Most of them also had the layout like a chessboard in grid pattern.

Facts about Roman Towns 2: the Roman roads

The Roman roads were also constructed to connect the Roman Towns. Therefore, it would be easier for the soldiers or civilians to move from one place to another place.

Facts about Romeo towns

Facts about Romeo towns

Facts about Roman Towns 3: the importance of Roman Towns

Over the years, the Roman towns were flourished because they served as the trade and meeting places.

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Facts about Roman Towns 4: the layout of Roman Towns

The layout of Roman Towns reminds you with the chessboard pattern. The buildings were in great order. The streets were constructed in straight lines.

Facts about Roman Towns 5: the forum

The forum was located in the middle of Roman Towns. It was created in the form of a large square. The Romans used the forum as a meeting and trade place.

Romeo town

Romeo town

Facts about Roman Towns 6: other important buildings

The government building, offices and shops were also located near the forum.

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Facts about Roman Towns 7: water

The presence of water was important for the life of Romans people in the towns. That is why aqueducts were constructed to bring the water to the towns. The sewers and running water were available for many Roman towns.

Facts about Roman Towns 8: the public fountains

The public fountains were accessible for the public. The house of the rich people had pipes to access the water.

Romeo towns

Romeo towns

Facts about Roman Towns 9: the largest empire in the ancient world

Roman Empire was considered as one of the biggest empires in the ancient world since their towns were spreading around Europe.

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Facts about Roman Towns 10: the territory

The territory of Roman Empire covered the area of 5 million sq km during its peak in AD 117.

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