10 Facts about Roman Verulamium

Post On: August 28, 2018

Facts about Roman Verulamium talk about a town in Roman Britain. The location of the ancient town was in Hertfordshire. Now the modern site of Roman Verulamium has been transformed into an agricultural and parkland. The remains of Roman Verulamium have not been excavated until today. It earns the status as the scheduled ancient monument. The area was a tribal center for Catuvellauni before the Romans came and established the settlement. Verlamion is the common term used to call the settlement. Uerulāmion was the new name reconstructed from Verlamion. Let us check other impressive facts about Roman Verulamium below:

Facts about Roman Verulamium 1: Tasciovanus

Tasciovanus was the person who established the settlement in Roman Verulamium. The coins were also minted in that place.

Facts about Roman Verulamium 2: municipium

Roman Verulamium got the status as municipium in AD 50. It has a new status for the citizens of the settlement. They were considered as Latin Rights.

Facts about Roman Verulamium

Facts about Roman Verulamium

Facts about Roman Verulamium 3: Boudica of the Iceni

In 61, Boudica of the Iceni gave attention to Roman Verulamium due to its importance and significance in Great Britain. She ordered to burn and sack Roman Verulamium. The written record of the Romans about the burning was confirmed by the archaeologists due to record of black ash layer.

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Facts about Roman Verulamium 4: the steady growth

In the beginning of the third century, Roman Verulamium had steady growth and development.

Facts about Roman Verulamium 5: the area

Roman Verulamium spanned on the area of 0.51 kilometer square or 125 acres.

Roman Verulamium Facts

Roman Verulamium Facts

Facts about Roman Verulamium 6: Saint Alban

Have you ever heard about Saint Alban? The priest Amphibalus converted this Roman patrician into a Saint. Roman Verulamium housed the first British martyr Saint Alban here.

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Facts about Roman Verulamium 7: the structure and layout of the town

Roman Verulamium was just like other Roman towns. It had the similar layout and building. It featured a theatre, basilica and forum. In 155 and 250, two great fires took place in the town, which damaged much of the buildings in town.

Facts about Roman Verulamium 8: Verulamium Forum inscription

Verulamium Forum inscription was found on the remnants of the forum. Over the next 150 years, stone was applied to reconstruct the town twice. Timber was not employed anymore. Between 400 and 450, the Roman occupation in Britain ended.

Roman Verulamium

Roman Verulamium

Facts about Roman Verulamium 9: the remains

Most remains of Verulamium like the theatre and mosaic floor have not been excavated since they are located under the agricultural land. The city walls are the only things that people can see outside. During the Bloomberg excavations in London, the Wax Tablet was found. It was traced back in AD 62, which mentioned the Latin Inscription about Verulamium.

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Facts about Roman Verulamium 10: the theater

Verulamium featured a good example of Roman Theatre. It looked like a theater than an amphitheater.

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