10 Facts about Roman York

Post On: August 29, 2018

Facts about Roman York elaborate the information about the city located in Great Britain. The history of York cannot be separated from the Roman occupation in the country during the ancient period. If you check the book of history, York was established in the first millennium AD. However, the region of York had been inhabited between 8000 and 7000 BC. The Celtic name of York was Eburacum or Eboracum according to the Roman Sources. Then it was named into York during the Roman Occupation. The area then was overtaken by the Anglo-Saxons after 400. It was renamed into Eoforwīc or Eoforīc taken from the Old English language. The meaning is rich in wild board or wild board town. Let us find out other interesting facts about Roman York below:

Facts about Roman York 1: the tribes

During the Roman Occupation in Great Britain, York had been inhabited by the local tribes. They were called the Parisii and Brigantes by the Romans. York was believed to become the border of the area inhabited by both tribes.

Facts about Roman York 2: the role of the Brigantes

The Brigantes took the role as a Roman client state when Britain was under the Roman reign. The Ninth Legion north of the Humber was under the leadership of Roman General Quintus, which made the Brigantes antagonistic toward Roman occupation in York.

Roman York

Roman York

Facts about Roman York 3: the foundation of York

In 71 AD, York was established with a castra construction above the River Ouse created by the Ninth Legion and Cerialis.

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Facts about Roman York 4: stone

Stone was used as the primary material to replace the old fortress or castra in York. It was a home for 6,000 soldiers, which spanned on the area of 50 acres.

Facts about Roman York 5: a wooden stylus tablet

A wooden stylus tablet was found on the Roman fortress of Vindolanda located on the Hadrian’s Wall. The table mentioned the word Eburacum. It was traced back in 95-104 AD.

Facts about Roman York

Facts about Roman York

Facts about Roman York 6: the foundations of York Minster

The foundations of York Minster have most of the Roman fortress. Some of the original walls can be showed to the world after the excavation took place in the undercroft of the Minster.

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Facts about Roman York 7: the Sixth Legion

The Sixth Legion took the responsibility in the garrison by replacing the Ninth Legion between 109 AD and 122 AD. There is no detail information about the thing, which happened on the Ninth Legion. The Roman Occupation in York only lasted until 400 AD where the Sixth Legion was in York until it ended.

Facts about Roman York 8: court

York was used as the court in many campaigns of the Romans during the reign of Constantius I, Septimius Severus and Hadrian.

Roman York Facts

Roman York Facts

Facts about Roman York 9: as a capital

York became the capital of Britannia Inferior during the reign of Emperor Severus.

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Facts about Roman York 10: the death of the emperor

When Constantius I stayed in York, he passed away in the fortress.

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