10 Facts about Romero Britto

Post On: August 30, 2018

If you like to study about art, check Facts about Romero Britto. Have you ever seen the work of Britto before? You will love it due to its unique and amazing art pieces. People recognize him as a sculptor, painter, serigrapher and artist from Brazil. He was born on 6th October 1963. If you check the works of Britto, you can find the combination of graffiti painting, pop art culture and cubism. He tries to mix those elements in a good harmony within his works. He also tries to convey the expression of happiness, joy and hope though the selection of bold patterns and colorful tone. Why don’t you check the following post to know more about the famous Britto?

Facts about Romero Britto 1: the birthplace

The birthplace of Britto was located in Recife. The region is located on the Northeast of Brazil.

Facts about Romero Britto 2: the early life

Britto was raised in a big family because he had eight brothers and sisters. There is no need to wonder that he only had a modest lifestyle in his early life.


Britto Work

Britto Work

Facts about Romero Britto 3: the creativity

Britto has higher level of creativity. There is no need to wonder that his modest life was filled with beautiful memories and images.

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Facts about Romero Britto 4: a self-taught artist

Britto considers himself as a self-taught artist since he likes painting since his early age. He used the scraps, cardboard or even newspaper to paint any images that he spotted. Britto was not only creative. He was also smart in his academic record. However, he tried to find experiences outside the class.

Facts about Romero Britto 5: the visit to Paris, France

Britto spotted the works of the famous painters like Picasso and Matisse when he visited Paris, France in 1983.

Romero Britto

Romero Britto

Facts about Romero Britto 6: traveling to United States

Britto decided to go to United States after he had his exhibitions in a number of private shows and galleries. During the time, the Pop Art movement was very popular in US. Since 1989, Britto has lived in Miami, Florida. The first studio of Britto was located in Coconut Grove, Florida. He had the first visit from founder of Absolute Vodka’s Absolute Art Ad Campaign named Michel Roux.

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Facts about Romero Britto 7: the work from Roux

Britto was asked by Roux to give a reinterpretation on a famous bottle. Millions of people would see the bottle.

Facts about Romero Britto 8: international exhibition

Britto’s works have been exhibited in various international exhibitions. The famous ones include his exhibitions at the Art Salon Hong Kong and FIAC Paris.

Facts about Romero Britto

Facts about Romero Britto

Facts about Romero Britto 9: other exhibitions

Britto also had his works exhibited at the 2016 Presidential campaign of Governor Jeb Bush.

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Facts about Romero Britto 10: sharing the art

Britto believed that art should be shared into the world due to its importance.

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