10 Facts about Ron Roy

Post On: August 31, 2018

The following post will discuss Facts about Ron Roy. Have you ever heard about Roy before? Or have you ever read some of his amazing books? You have to try to read one of them to know the inside thinking of the author. Ron Roy is known as one of the famous writer of children’s fiction book in United States. He focuses more his works on writing the mysteries for young readers. Roy was born on 29 April 1940. His full name is Wallace Ronald Roy. Let us find out other interesting facts about Ron Roy below:

Facts about Ron Roy 1: the most popular works of Ron Roy

If you consider yourself as a fan of Ron Roy, you must know about his famous and popular works. In 1997, the A to Z Mysteries series were released in the market. They were well received by the readers. In 2001, the Capital Mysteries was released. The new one also earned positive response.

Facts about Ron Roy 2: the new series of Ron Roy

Roy also writes a series intended for the first and second graders. The title of the series is the Calendar Mysteries.

Ron Roy

Ron Roy

Facts about Ron Roy 3: the birthplace of Roy

Do you know the birthplace of Roy? It was located in Hartford, Connecticut. He was raised in East Hartford. He settles in Connecticut in the whole life.

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Facts about Ron Roy 4: the early job

The first job for Roy was not becoming a writer. He found his early job as a teacher for the fourth grade students.

Facts about Ron Roy 5: a full time writer

Roy decided to become a full time writer after he published his first book in 1978. He decided to leave teaching for writing.

Ron Roy Book

Ron Roy Book

Facts about Ron Roy 6: the first books of Roy

Have you ever read the first books of Roy? Most of them were the unpaged picture books.

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Facts about Ron Roy 7: the online catalogs

Some of Roy’s books are included in the catalogs of online Library of Congress. They include A Thousand Pails of Water, Old Tiger, New Tiger and someone is following Pip Ramsey.

Facts about Ron Roy 8: Capital Mystery

In 2001, Roy published the first Capital Mystery of the series. Have you read the book before?

Facts about Ron Roy

Facts about Ron Roy

Facts about Ron Roy 9: A to Z Mysteries

A to Z Mysteries series is very popular among the children due to the exciting story. Random House is the publisher of the book. Steven Gurney takes the role as the illustrator. The original series features 26 books. The first series was published in 1997 under the title The Absent Author. In 2005, the last book of the series was published under the title The Zombie Zone.

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Facts about Ron Roy 10: the story of A to Z Mysteries

The story of A to Z Mysteries revolves around three children detectives who want to solve mysteries. They are Donald, Josh and Ruth.

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