10 Facts about Rona Green

Post On: August 31, 2018

Facts about Rona Green tell the readers about the visual artist from Australia. She was born in Geelong, Victoria in 1972. People recognize Green because of her figurative drawing, painting and printmaking. She also creates soft sculpture that she calls poppets. They are defined as the human-animal hybrids. Have you ever seen the sculpture or painting of Green before? You will be impressed or inspired because she creates different art pieces. Though she is also known as a scluptor, printmaking is considered as the specialty of Green. Are you curious to know more about Green? Please check the below post in details.

Facts about Rona Green 1: the techniques of printmaking

Green employs different kinds of printmaking techniques to create her amazing works. She applies digital printing, wood engraving, woodcut, etching, collograph, monotype, lithography, and screen prints.

Facts about Rona Green 2: the favorite medium for Green

Though Green can do anything with printmaking technique, she has her own preference. The hand colored linocut prints are considered as her favorite medium.

Rona Green

Rona Green

Facts about Rona Green 3: the theme

In most Green art pieces, the recurrent theme is transformation. She also tries to celebrate the ability of an individual to create identity through her images of anthropomorphic figures.

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Facts about Rona Green 4: the characteristics of Green’s artworks

The art works of Green are characterized by themes of outsides, humor, outcasts and misfits.

Facts about Rona Green 5: education

Have you realized the education of Green? It will take a very hard work for Green to be in her place right now. In the beginning of 1990s, Green attended Latrobe University where she chose fine art.

Rona Green Work

Rona Green Work

Facts about Rona Green 6: printmaking

During the study, she decided to choose printmaking as her major. Peter Jacobs and John Robinson were the two major people who influenced Green when she studied at the university.

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Facts about Rona Green 7: visual art

In the end of 1990s, Green attended Victorian College of Arts where she chooses visual art as the primary subject of her study. In 2012, Monash University gave her a Master of Fine Art degree.

Facts about Rona Green 8: exhibition

Green has developed a wonderful reputation as an artist from the beginning of her career. Since 1994, she has made extensive exhibitions on her works not only in home country, Australia, but also in other parts of the world. That is why Green is also known as an international artist. Rona Green: Prints and Poppets 2000-2010 was the title of a survey exhibition of Green soft sculpture and printmaking held by Deakin University of Art Gallery in 2010.

Facts about Rona Green

Facts about Rona Green

Facts about Rona Green 9: other survey exhibitions

Other survey exhibitions of Green were held in the period of 2017-2018.

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Facts about Rona Green 10: awards

Green has received various awards during her career. In 2006, she earned the Silk Cut Award for Linocut Prints Grand Prize.

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