10 Facts about Roots

Post On: August 31, 2018

Let us get Facts about Roots by reading the article below. Root is not a new thing that we learn in plant study. The roots are located at the bottom part of the plants. The location of the roots is below the soil surface. In some cases, you can spot the presence of roots above the ground. Some of them are aerial ones. The scientific definition of a root is available in the textbook. The stem and root are very different since each has unique structure.

Facts about Roots 1: the types of roots

Roots are divided in two major types. You can find the aerating or aerial ones. The location of the root is usually below the ground.

Facts about Roots 2: evolution and history of root

When you study the plant in deep, you will learn about the evolution and history of root. The fossil record of root was traced back 430 million years ago during the Late Silurian.

Facts about Roots

Facts about Roots

Facts about Roots 3: the identification

It was hard for the researchers to identify the fossils of roots because their molds and cast resemble the look of animal burrows.

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Facts about Roots 4: radicle

Can you define the term radicle? It is considered as the first root, which grows from a plant.

Facts about Roots 5: function of roots

Do you know that roots have a number of functions? Many people think that it is only used to absorb water and nutrients. It is not true that the root is also used by the plants to anchor their body on the ground. It is also used to compete with other plants, store the nutrient, water and foods and for vegetative reproduction.

Root Science

Root Science

Facts about Roots 6: cytokinin

Cytokinin is synthesized by the roots due to the concentration of nutrients. The primary function of cytokinin is as a signal for the growth of shoots.

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Facts about Roots 7: symbiosis

Symbiosis is common to spot between the roots and some fungi. Mycorrhizae will be formed due to the symbiosis. When studying about root, some people also link it with some bacteria.

Facts about Roots 8: the parts of roots

Roots contain a number of parts, which include the vascular tissue, pericyce, endodermis, cortex, epiblem, epidermis and root hair.

Facts about Root

Facts about Root

Facts about Roots 9: the distribution of root

There are a number of factors, which affect the distribution of roots, which include the soil type, availability of nutrients and water, and plant form. The shallowest roots can be found on the plant, which live in the temperate grassland, boreal forest and tundra. The deepest ones are spotted on the temperate coniferous forest and desert.

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Facts about Roots 10: the deepest observed living room

Arizona had the deepest observed living room in the world located 60 m below the ground. Actually, most of roots choose to stay near the ground. Thus, it can maximize the growth of the plant.

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