10 Facts about Rosa Luxemburg

Post On: July 28, 2017

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg tell the readers about a Polish Marxist theorist. She was born on March 5th, 1871 and died on January 15th, 1919. People also recognize her as an anti-war activist, philosopher, revolutionary socialist and economist. She became a German citizen by having a process of naturalization. Actually, she had Polish-Jewish descent. Let us get other unique facts about Rosa Luxemburg below:

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 1: a party member

Luxemburg joined various parties. She was a member of Communist Part of Germany, Social Democratic Party of Germany, Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania and Independent Social Democratic Party.

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 2: Spartakusbund

Spartakusbund was the anti-war Spartacus League established by Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht after German’s participation in the First World War was supported by Social Democratic Party in1915.

Rosa Luxemburg Facts

Rosa Luxemburg Facts

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 3: newspaper

Luxemburg was the co-founder of Die Rote Fahne during the November Revolution. It was newspaper, which played an important role in the Spartacist movement.

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Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 4: a blunder

Luxemburg believed that Spartacist uprising which took place in January 1919 was only a blunder. When the events were unfolded, she decided to support the uprising.

Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 5: Friedrich Ebert

The revolt was crushed by the Social Democratic government under the leadership of Friedrich Ebert. Luxemburg and Liebknecht were captured and executed by the Freikorps.

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 6: the body of Luxemburg

Freikorps threw away the body of Luxemburg in Landwehr Canal in Berlin. Despite the tragic death, the theorists and scholars have ambivalent receptions toward her.

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Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 7: parents

Her mother was Line Löwenstein, while her father was Eliasz Luxemburg who worked as a timber trade. She was the youngest child in the family.

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 8: a permanent limp

Luxemburg had permanent limp due to a hip ailment that she had at the age of five.

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg

Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 9: political interest

Luxemburg was interested with politics. She marked her involvement in a political area by organizing a general strike. Luxemburg and the remaining members of the party were still secretly in touch though it had been disbanded. Moreover, four of leaders in this Proletariat part were executed to death.

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Facts about Rosa Luxemburg 10: education

Luxemburg had higher education since she earned a doctorate. At that time, it was very rare for a woman to have a doctorate. In 1898, Duncker and Humblot published her dissertation in Leipzig.

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