10 Facts about Rosalina

Post On: July 29, 2017

Let me show you about a fictional character appeared in Mario video games on Facts about Rosalina. She was a non-player character in the hub world of the game in Comet Observatory. Super Mario Galaxy marks the first appearance of Rosalina. Lumas is a fictional species in the video game who became the adoptive child of Rosalina. Let us check other interesting facts about Rosalina:

Facts about Rosalina 1: the storyline

Bowser is attacked by Comet Observatory in the storyline of game. Rosalina was left without any power after she was stranded.

Facts about Rosalina 2: helping Mario

Rosalina agrees to aid Mario for saving Princess Peach as long as he repowers Comet Observatory and collects Power Stars. Bowser kidnapped the princess.

Rosalina Facts

Rosalina Facts

Facts about Rosalina 3: the later appearances

Rosalina then appears in other video games of Mario. In 2014, she appeared in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U. In 2013, Super Mario 3D World also featured Rosalina. Mario Kart Wii also had appeared in 2008.

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Facts about Rosalina 4: Yoshiaki Koizumi

Yoshiaki Koizumi was the writer of the back-story of Rosalina. It was recognized as Rosalina’s Storyback.

Rosalina Pic

Rosalina Pic

Facts about Rosalina 5: the original development

At first, the development of Rosalina as a character was associated with Princess Peach.  In the game storyline, it was decided differently.

Facts about Rosalina 6: Mercedes Rose

Mercedes Rose provided the voice of Rosalina until Mario Kart 7 in 2011. Then Kerri Kane provided the voice for the fictional character.  In next appearance, the voice actor for this character was Laura Faye Smith.

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Facts about Rosalina 7: personalities

The personalities of Rosalina are defined as a mother-like, thoughtful, wise and nice character.

Facts about Rosalina 8: the posture

The unique physical appearance of Rosalina is spotted on its height. Compared to other female characters in the video games, she is taller.

Facts about Rosalina

Facts about Rosalina

Facts about Rosalina 9: the facial feature

Rosalina has sharper facial shape even though she looks like Princess Peach. She has pallor white skin. Her eyes are blue, while her lashes are deep brown. Princess Peach has yellow-blonde hair color, while Rosaline has platinum-blonde hair color.  She styles her hair with one large bang, which covers the right part of her face.

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Facts about Rosalina 10: reception

Rosalina is positively received by the critics. People like her due to her bold fashion style.

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