10 Facts about Rosary Beads

Post On: September 1, 2018

I will show you the helpful information about the religious string of beads used during the prayer in the Catholic Church. Do you know the primary function of rosary bead? The Catholic people use it to count the component prayers. People often call it Dominican Rosary or Holy Rosary. People use the term the Rosary with the initial letter capitalized when calling for the prayer. A rosary without a capitalized letter at the initial word is used when it refers to the beads. Let us get other interesting facts about rosary beads below:

Facts about Rosary Beads 1: the decades

The term decades is used to call a set of prayer in ten Hail Marys using the Rosary.

Facts about Rosary Beads 2: the use of rosary beads

Some popes have promoted the use of rosary bead for over four centuries in Roman Catholicism for Mary’s veneration.

Rosary Beads

Rosary Beads

Facts about Rosary Beads 3: the main function of rosary beads

Do you know the primary function of rosary beads? It will be easier for you to count the Hail Marys when using the rosary beads.

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Facts about Rosary Beads 4: recitation

When you recite the prayers, you can move your fingers from one bead to another bead on the rosary. It will be easier for the people to meditate on the mysteries since they do not have to count the prayers mentally.

Facts about Rosary Beads 5: the five-decade rosary

A decade contains ten beads. The five-decade rosary has five groups. Each group has one decade. Before each decade, it has large beads.

Rosary Beads Facts

Rosary Beads Facts

Facts about Rosary Beads 6: the recitation of Hail Mary

When your finger reaches the ten beads of the decade, you recite the Hail Mary. Before each decade, your finger will touch the large bead. It means that you need to say the Lord’s Prayer.

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Facts about Rosary Beads 7: other types of rosary beads

If you think that the five-decade rosary bead is the only one, you are wrong. Some rosaries have fifteen decades. The religious orders often use them.

Facts about Rosary Beads 8: the design of the five and fifteen decade rosaries

Can you find out the differences between the five and fifteen decade rosaries? The crucifix will begin the strands of beads on the rosary. The two common ones are created in a short strand. Then one large bead is followed by three small beads. Before it is connected to the rosary, one large bead follows the three small beads.

Facts about Rosary Beads

Facts about Rosary Beads

Facts about Rosary Beads 9: the number of beads

The total beads found on a five-decade rosary are no fifty, but 59 due to the additional beads.

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Facts about Rosary Beads 10: counting the prayers

Using the rosary bead to recite and count the prayer is considered as a custom since you can use different type of counting device.

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