10 Facts about Roscommon

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Facts about Roscommon give the information about a county located in Republic of Ireland. It takes the 27th place of the most populous county. According to its area, it is placed in the 11th largest county. Based on the census in 2011, it was a home for 64,065 people. It shares border with Leitrim, Sligo, Mayo, Galway, Offaly, Longford and Westmeath. Let us find out other details about Roscommon below:

Facts about Roscommon 1: the life expectancy

The life expectancy of the people who lived in Roscommon in Ireland was the longest one according to a news report in 2008.

Facts about Roscommon 2: the name

The name of the county is taken from the town of Roscommon.  The term Ros means a wooden or gentle height in Irish. The term Coman was taken from the name of the bishop of Roscommon. In 550 AD, he established the first monastery in the county town.

Roscommon Facts

Roscommon Facts

Facts about Roscommon 3: the area

The area covered by Roscommon is 984 sq mi. The north part of Roscommon sits at Lough Key, which has 32 islands.

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Facts about Roscommon 4: the highest point

The highest point in Roscommon is located in Seltannasaggart. It has the height of 1,404 feet or 428 metres.



Facts about Roscommon 5: the baronies

County Roscommon has nine historical baronies.  Ballintober North, Castlereagh, Roscommon, Frenchpark and Boyle are included in North Roscommon. Moycarn, Athlone, Ballintober South and Ballymoe are included in South Roscommon.

Facts about Roscommon 6: Rathcroghan

Rathcroghan is one of the important historical features in Roscommon.  The High Kings of Ireland and Kings of Connacht lived in this complex.

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Facts about Roscommon 7: the administrative division

The origin of the county Roscommon as an administrative division was traced back during the middle Ages. County Roscommon was included in “The King’s Cantreds”.

Facts about Roscommon 8: the art

In 12th century, county of Roscommon was a home to the finest metal workshop. It defined the original and great art of Roscommon. Mael Isu Bratain Ui Echach et al were considered as the creators of ‘shrine of Manchan of Mohill’ and ‘shrine of the Book of Dimma’.

Facts about Roscommon

Facts about Roscommon

Facts about Roscommon 9: John O’Donovan

In 1837, Roscommon was visited by the scholar and historian, John O’Donnovan. He wanted to gather information about Ordnance Survey.

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Facts about Roscommon 10: sport

The most popular sport in Roscommon is Gaelic football.  In 1943 and 1944, it became the winner for All-Ireland Senior Football Championships.

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