10 Facts about Rose Quartz

Post On: September 5, 2018

Facts about Rose Quartz elaborate the information about a type of quartz with pink color. Rose quartz is a type of quartz defines according to the pink color. The pink color is ranging from pale pink to rose red color. The presence of manganese, iron and titanium made the quartz appear pink. The asterism of rose quartz can be perceived when you see it under the transmitted light due to the presence of microscopic rutile needles. Let us find out other impressive facts about rose quartz below:

Facts about Rose Quartz 1: the presence of rose pink color

A study has been conducted to find out the reason why the rose quartz has pink color. They believe that the microscopic fibers of dumortiertie are the primary reason according to the X-ray diffraction studies.

Facts about Rose Quartz 2: the amount of phosphate or aluminum

It is not common for a rose quartz to have phosphate or aluminum according to the studies.

Facts about Rose Quartz

Facts about Rose Quartz

Facts about Rose Quartz 3: the colored quartz

Rose quartz is considered as one of the common colored quartzs. Other varieties include the smoky quartz, citrine, milky quartz, blue quartz, and amethyst. The colorless one is called the pure quartz.

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Facts about Rose Quartz 4: the importance of rose quartz

Rose quartz is a very popular stone in the world. For more than centuries, it has been used for love ceremonies and rituals. It has been considered as a romantic stone due to the pink color.

Facts about Rose Quartz 5: the content of rose quartz

The primary content of a rose quartz is silicone dioxide. If you want to make sure that the rose quartz always look amazing all of the time, you have to keep it away from the sun. Thus, the amazing shade of the rose quartz will be maintained.

Rose Quartz Pic

Rose Quartz Pic

Facts about Rose Quartz 6: the crystal structure

The crystal structure of a rose quartz is hexagonal. The amount of rose quartz in the world is abundant. They are mixed in South Africa, India, Madagascar, and Brazil.

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Facts about Rose Quartz 7: the use of rose quartz in ancient civilization

The use of rose quartz can be traced back since the ancient civilization. They used them as beads to adorn the jewelry. The symbolic weight was also perceived when the rose quartz was used in the talismans.

Facts about Rose Quartz 8: the belief of the Egyptians

The Egyptian people believed that the presence of aging and wrinkles could be prevented by using the rose quartz.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Facts about Rose Quartz 9: the belief of the ancient Greek mythology

Ancient quartz is also associated with ancient Greek mythology. They believe that the gift of love for human being came in the form of a rose quartz.

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Facts about Rose Quartz 10: eternal love

Rose quartz has been used as a symbol of eternal love.

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