10 Facts about Ross Barkley

Post On: November 22, 2017

Ross Barkley, this Everton’s “wonder boy” starts to shine and getting shiner and shiner more as his appearance in senior England’s squad this year. Guys ready to know facts about Ross Barkley bellow?

Facts about Ross Barkley 1: The Wonder Boy of Everton

Born on December 5th 1993, he joined Everton as an 11 years old boy then well trained with their youth systems. Grow and built with excellent development of his skills, technique and determination.

Facts about Ross Barkley 2:  injury

In 2010-2011, he had injury after a collision with Andre Wisdom from Liverpool while he was on duty with the England U-19. His debut of Toffees has been cancelled due to that serious leg injury.

Facts about ross barkley

Facts about ross barkley

Facts about Ross Barkley 3:  Everton vs QPR

Everton vs Queen’s Park Ranger was his professional debut for the young Barkley. Everton offered him official contract for four and a half year.

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Facts about Ross Barkley 4:  Senior career

He continues senior career in Everton from 2010 with 21 goals in 150 appearances. It is quite amazing for the young “wonder boy”. He has gone out on loan to Leeds united and Sheffield Wednesday in 2012-2013 and collected 4 goals in only 13 appearances

Facts about Ross Barkley 5:  call for the England’s squad

This young “wonder boy” quite has shaken the public by his appearance and determination. He has been called up to U-21 team of England squad in August 2011. Later, on May 2013 under the manager Peter Taylor he joined the lineup for the 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup. On 16 June in a 3-0, win with his debut against Uruguay. His first goal for England is against Scotland in a 6-0 win on August 13th 2013.

ross barkley facts

ross barkley facts

Facts about Ross Barkley 6: flood of praises from senior footballers

Xavi said that Barkley is suitable enough to play in La Liga, Frank Lampard told that he remind him to the young Wayne Rooney. The former manager of Everton Roberto Martinez also said Barkley is a mix of Michael Ballack and Paul Gascoigne. Both of Gary Lineker and Michael Owen also praise his technique and qualities.

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Facts about Ross Barkley 7:  England or Nigeria?

Not many people know that he has a Nigerian grandfather. Originally, he can represent for either England or Nigeria, but anyway he chose England.

Facts about Ross Barkley 8: style of play

Regarding to his impressive skill either psychical or technical qualities, he owns the characteristics of the true midfielder. It was the figure that England needs a long time to find even in some of their great footballers.

ross barkley

ross barkley

Facts about Ross Barkley 9:  early 2017 disappointment

The 23-year-old star has missed the last three squads since EURO 2016 and has not played for his country since May 27 in friendly match against Australia. In early 2017, he felt disappointed or even frustrated because he did not  play of his international break. On March 26th, he told by the manager Garerth Southgate that he would get an opportunity at some point in the World’s Cup qualifying over England vs Lithuania. However, he did not even play a single minute.

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Facts about Ross Barkley 10: dating his childhood friend

Barkley is not yet married; he is in a relationship with his girlfriend Zoe Riozzi. The 23 years old, Zoe is his childhood friend and they started dating about five years before. Ross and Zoe grew up together in the same town and currently live near Wavertree in Liverpool.

He will be England’s next top midfielder right? Are you interested reading facts about Ross Barkley?