10 Facts about Rotherham

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Facts about Rotherham give the interesting information about a large town in South Yorkshire, England. According to 2011 census, the town was a home for 257,280 people. The Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham is the combined areas of the southeast, south and north. Have you ever visited Rotherham before? It takes the role as the largest town in Sheffield. People often call it as Sheffield Urban Area. It is the informal name of the town. The Rotherham town center and Sheffield City Center is 9 kilometers or 5.6 miles apart. In the past, people recognize the town as the center of the steel industry and coal mining. Let us check other impressive facts about Rotherham in the following post below:

Facts about Rotherham 1: the beautiful and historical building

If you visit Rotherham, do not forget to do sightseeing where you can view the historical building in the town. You can go to All Saints square for it features the All Saint’s Church or Rotherham Minster. It has unique features with low-pitch lead roofs and beautiful pieces of sandstones. Some parts in the building feature the Normal and Saxon design.

Facts about Rotherham 2: the east window

The east window was constructed with the designs of Clayton, Bell and Gilbert Scott.



Facts about Rotherham 3: the other windows

The other windows were created from other famous stained designers and glassmakers like Camm Brothers, A. Gibbs, James Bell etc.

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Facts about Rotherham 4: the popular tourist destination.

Rotherham has Magna Science Adventure Centre. People who come to the town like to visit the museum because of its adventure and interactive science. There is no need to wonder that it appears as one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Facts about Rotherham 5: Clifton Park Museum

If you visit Clifton Park, do not forget to come to Clifton Park Museum. The admission on the museum is free.

Rotherham Facts

Rotherham Facts

Facts about Rotherham 6: the town centre

The town center in Rotherham features the Arts Center and Civic Centre. If you are interested with the nightlife, you can go to the Westgate district. It has many clubs, bars and pubs that you can visit with your friends.

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Facts about Rotherham 7: events

Some public events are held in Rotherham annually. In July, you can check Rotherham Rocks. It is a fashion show. You can check the latest fashion collection during the event. The Clifton Park holds Rotherham by the Sea in August.

Facts about Rotherham 8: Rotherham by the Sea

Rotherham by the Sea is one of the most popular events in town because the park will be decked with seaside attractions, sand and other seaside beach decoration.

Facts about Rotherham

Facts about Rotherham

Facts about Rotherham 9: Rotherham Show

The town also has a scheduled event in September. It is called Rotherham Show. You can view the performance of live bands and shows.

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Facts about Rotherham 10: the carnival

The first carnival in the town was held in 2016. It was followed by community groups, schools and local people.

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