10 Facts about Rottweilers

Post On: September 1, 2018

Facts about Rottweilers give the readers interesting information about a breed of domestic dog. The size of the body is ranging from medium to large one. Rottweiler Metzgerhund was the name of the dogs in German. The term means Rottweil butchers’ dogs. During the time, the dogs were used by the people to pull carts and hold livestock. Now, people have Rottweilers for police dogs, guard dogs and rescue dogs. However, some regions in the world still have Rottweilers for herding livestock. Check other impressive facts about Rottweilers below:

Facts about Rottweilers 1: the description of Rottweilers

The description of Rottweilers according to the American Kennel Club is that the dog has powerful desire to control. They also have the ability to intimidate others.

Facts about Rottweilers 2: powerful and strong dogs

Rottweilers are known as strong and powerful dogs. When they feel intimidated, they will have force barks.

Rottweilers Facts

Rottweilers Facts

Facts about Rottweilers 3: herding livestock

Rottweilers always try to challenge the dominant animal when they work with cattle. It is due to the strong desire for the dogs to control other animals.

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Facts about Rottweilers 4: service dog

Rottweilers also have the ability as a service dog. A soldier life was saved by Stinky the Rottweiler. In 2011, Stinky’s name was inducted into Purina Animal Hall of Fame.

Facts about Rottweilers 5: health

This dog is free from disease. However, they are prone to hip dysplasia just like other large breeds of dogs. The x-ray test is often employed to check the presence of the problem. The most prevalent cause of death on Rottweilers is osteosarcoma.



Facts about Rottweilers 6: obesity

If you have Rottweilers, do not forget to maintain their weight. The dogs are susceptible to obesity if they have lack of exercise. Do not overfeed them.

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Facts about Rottweilers 7: the negative effect of obesity on Rottweilers

Obesity in Rottweilers is a serious health problem for it can lead in to the difficulty to breath. The dogs can also develop overheating, skin disease, arthritis, heart failure and diabetes. That is why the weight of Rottweilers should be controlled.

Facts about Rottweilers 8: portrayal of Rottweilers in the media

Rottweilers are popular in the media for they have been portrayed in TV series and movies. The aggressive portrayal can be seen in The Omen.

Facts about Rottweilers

Facts about Rottweilers

Facts about Rottweilers 9: the status of Rottweilers

In some countries in the world, Rottweilers are considered as dangerous dogs. Restriction for the ownership of the dogs is spotted in Singapore, Malaysia, Romania, Ireland and Portugal. Rottweilers are known as status dog in United Kingdom because they are aggressive and dangerous. In Ecuador, people are not allowed to keep them as a pet.

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Facts about Rottweilers 10: the positive portrayal of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are portrayed positively in some TV shows and movies like in Half Baked, Lethal Weapon 3 and Entourage.

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