10 Facts about Rowan Atkinson

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Facts about Rowan Atkinson talk about the famous English actor known as Mr. Bean. The other famous work of Atkinson was in Blackadder. Both were considered as the most popular sitcoms in Britain. Atkinson was also known as a screenwriter and comedian. The breakthrough of Atkinson was in Not the Nine O’Clock News aired in 1979 until 1982 in BBC. It was a sketch comedy show. Do you know that Atkinson also appeared in James Bond movie under the title Never Say Never Again released in 1983? You can also spot his performance in 1994 in Four Weddings and a Funeral. Let us get other impressive facts about Rowan Atkinson below:

Facts about Rowan Atkinson 1: the theatrical work

Atkinson also plays on stage. He took part in West End revival of the musical Oliver! In 2009,

Facts about Rowan Atkinson 2: the popularity as a comedian

Atkinson was included in the list of 50 funniest actors in Britain in The Observer. In a poll of fellow comedians conducted in 2005, he was included in the list of top 50 comedians ever.

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson

Facts about Rowan Atkinson 3: Mr. Bean movie

The popularity of Mr. Bean made it adapted into movies. Bean and Mr. Bean’ Holidays are popular. In 2003 until 2018, he also appeared in Johnny English film series.

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Facts about Rowan Atkinson 4: Mr. Bean’s Holiday

In 2007, Mr. Bean’s Holiday was released in the market. It was considered as the second movie of Mr. Bean.

Facts about Rowan Atkinson 5: 2012 Summer Olympics

Atkinson appeared as Mr. Bean during the opening ceremony of Summer Olympics in 2012 in London. His performance in the important event was entitled “Chariots of Fire”.

Rowan Atkinson Signature

Rowan Atkinson Signature

Facts about Rowan Atkinson 6: the presence of Mr. Bean

When people think about Atkinson, people always associate him with Mr. Bean. He appeared as a TV advert for Snickers in 2014. Mr. Bean had a scene attending a funeral in a sketch for BBC Red Nose Day in 2015.

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Facts about Rowan Atkinson 7: marriage

In February 1990, Atkinson and Sunetra Sastry married. Ben and Lily are the name of their children. Sastry was a makeup artist for BBC. The couple met in the late 1980s. On 10 November 2015, the couple divorced. Since 2014, Atkinson was in relationship with Louise Ford. In December 2017, the couple has a child.

Facts about Rowan Atkinson 8: lorry-driving license

Do you know that Atkinson has a lorry-driving license? It is the category C+E. In 1981, Atkinson got it.

Facts about Rowan Atkinson

Facts about Rowan Atkinson

Facts about Rowan Atkinson 9: car racing

Have you ever watched Full Throttle? It was a television play in 1995 where Atkinson took the role as Henry Birkin, a racing driver. People know that Atkinson is in love with car racing.

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Facts about Rowan Atkinson 10: racing

In 2009, Atkinson participated at the Goodwood Revival motor racing festival in England by driving a Jaguar Mark VII M on the racetrack.

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