10 Facts about Royal Mail

Post On: September 4, 2018

Facts about Royal Mail present the important information about a postal service and courier company operated in UK. In 1516, Royal Mail was founded. It has the official name of Royal Mail plc. Royal Mail Group Limited is considered as the subsidiary of Royal Mail plc. Parcelforce Worldwide and Royal Mail are under the operation of that subsidiary. The former one focuses on parcel, while letters are the primary service for the latter. Another subsidiary of Royal Mail is General Logistics Systems. It is an international logistics company. Here are other impressive facts about Royal Mail to notice:

Facts about Royal Mail 1: the service

The service of Royal Mail can be found around United Kingdom. There is no need to wonder that you spot a wall box or pillar-box around the city since the letters should be deposited there. Then they will be sent into a post office.

Facts about Royal Mail 2: the delivery day

The delivery day for the Royal Mail is once per day. The postal worker will not deliver the letters during the bank holidays and Sundays.

Royal Mail Facts

Royal Mail Facts

Facts about Royal Mail 3: the history of Royal Mail

Royal Mail had been operated as a public company or government department. Since 2013, Most of the shares in the Royal Mail have been circulated on London Stock Exchange due to the Postal Services Act 2011.

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Facts about Royal Mail 4: the stake of United Kingdom Government

Around 30 percent of stake in the Royal Mail is at the hand of the government of United Kingdom. In 2015, the government decides to sell their stake. It marked the end of their ownership of Royal Mail for more than 499 years.

Facts about Royal Mail 5: the beginning of Royal Mail

In 1516, Royal Mail was established by Henry VIII. At that time, it was called Master of the Posts. In 1710, “Postmaster General” was the new of the institution.

Royal Mail Pic

Royal Mail Pic

Facts about Royal Mail 6: the access of the public

The public could enjoy the service of Royal Mail after Charles I made it public on July 31, 1635. The recipient had to pay the postage. Thomas Witherings monopolized the service.

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Facts about Royal Mail 7: the first pillar-box of Post Office

In 1852, the first pillar-box was established in Jersey. In the next year, the mainland Britain had the pillar-boxes.

Facts about Royal Mail 8: Royal Mail in 2007

The Royal Mail Group plc was changed into Royal Mail Group Ltd in 2007. During the year, the service for Sunday collections from the pillar-boxes ended.

Facts about Royal Mail

Facts about Royal Mail

Facts about Royal Mail 9: Moya Greene

Moya Greene was the first woman who became the chief executive of Royal Mail. She earned the post on 27th May 2010.

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Facts about Royal Mail 10: the price

The price that the people have to pay for the service from Royal Mail is fixed. The distance will not affect the price.

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