10 Facts about RSPB

Post On: September 5, 2018

Facts about RSPB make you learn more about the famous charitable organization in the world. The registry of RSPB is found in England, Wales, and Scotland. What does RSBP stand for? It is Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The primary function of the organization is to protect the life of the birds through conservation in United Kingdom. They try to increase the awareness of the people for protecting the birds as well as their habitats. They create petitions and campaigns. Let us get other impressive facts about RSPB below:

Facts about RSPB 1: the foundation

In 1889, RSPB was established. Now it has at least 18,000 volunteers. The employees of RSPB are more than 1,300 individuals. Moreover, it has at least one million members. The young members account for 195,000 of them.

Facts about RSPB 2: the large size of the organization

This organization is considered as the largest one in Europe in term of wildlife conservation charity.



Facts about RSPB 3: the nature reserves

The nature reserves maintained by RSPB are around 200. Furthermore, they also have many local groups. It also attracts the local community which concerns with the life of birds.

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Facts about RSPB 4: the origin of RSPB

Two groups of women established in 1889 were considered as the origins of RSPB. The first one was called the Plumage League. Emily Williamson was the founder of the organization. The primary campaign was related to their objection on the fur clothing, which used the skins and feathers of kittiwake and great crested grebe.

Facts about RSPB 5: the second group

The second group was established in Croydon. Catherine Hall, Eliza Phillips and others called it The Fur, Fin and Feather Folk.

RSPB Facts

RSPB Facts

Facts about RSPB 6: merger

The Society for the Protection of Birds was established in London by merging the groups due to their impressive popularity among the public. In 1904, the Royal Charter was awarded for the Society.

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Facts about RSPB 7: the original members

Women were the only members of the original RSPB. During the time, they criticized the women who wore the exotic feathers taken from the birds on the hats. The trade for plumage was very high at that time. Britain imported at least 7,000 skins of birds in 1884. They also got the imported birds from East India, Brazil and West India.

Facts about RSPB 8: the first president of the society

The first president of the society was Duchess of Portland. She supported the society. Many influential figures were interested to lend their support for the society.

Facts about RSPB

Facts about RSPB

Facts about RSPB 9: banned plumage clothing

The use of plumage to create clothes was banned in United Kingdom 15 years after the founding of the RSPB.

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Facts about RSPB 10: inspiration

RSPB has become an inspiration to other people. The same societies have been established in many parts of Europe.

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