10 Facts about Rubbish

Post On: September 6, 2018

Facts about Rubbish talk about a waste material. Every household in the world always has rubbish or garbage that you always put inside the garbage or trash can. Due to the lack of utility of rubbish, people will discard it. The bodily waste product is not included as a type of rubbish. People use different term to call rubbish. Other uses the term waste, trash, refuse or garbage. Those words are often used interchangeably. Let us get other interesting facts about rubbish below:

Facts about Rubbish 1: the general categories of rubbish

The rubbish had four general categories in 1880s. They are garbage, ashes, street sweeping and rubbish.

Facts about Rubbish 2: garbage

At that time, garbage was used to call the putrescent organic matter taken from the food scraps or kitchen scraps. The people applied the process called rendering to boil down the garbage since they would be used to feed livestock and pigs.

Facts about Rubbish

Facts about Rubbish

Facts about Rubbish 3: rubbish

The dry goods like tin cans, bottles and boxes are included as rubbish. Rubbish has broader level of definition. The reclamation techniques usually are applied on different kinds of rubbishes.

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Facts about Rubbish 4: the municipal solid waste

The municipal solid waste is treated and collected in urban areas. It is called as a kind of garbage. Another term comes up. The garbage, which ends up affecting or polluting the environment, is called litter.

Facts about Rubbish 5: the garbage in the history

Garbage has been spotted throughout the history. The first garbage created by the human beings were the stone fragments left over when they created tools and the bone fragments from the animals.

Rubbish Facts

Rubbish Facts

Facts about Rubbish 6: midden

Midden is a term to call the garbage stuck into mounds during the pre-civilization and prehistoric humans. It usually contained broken pottery, shell tools, charcoals, and foods.

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Facts about Rubbish 7: the waste management

The modern system of waste management defines the waste in a number of types such as biomedical waste, hazardous waste, municipal waste, and special hazardous waste.

Facts about Rubbish 8: reporting the waste

The weight and size are the primary information gained from the report about waste. The wet waste usually has more weight.



Facts about Rubbish 9: the waste management

The waste management is very important for the sake of human civilization. The insects and rodents will be attracted with waste and garbage if they are not treated properly. The plague, worms, yellow fever and gastrointestinal parasites will appear if the waste is left untreated. The hazardous waste should have a special treatment. It is also common for the air, solid, groundwater and surface water contaminated by the toxic waste material in the developing countries.

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Facts about Rubbish 10: the cost

Managing the waste is not cheap. The municipal governments have to pay it in high cost.

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