10 Facts about Rube Goldberg

Post On: September 6, 2018

Facts about Rube Goldberg give the interesting information about the American cartoonist. He was born on 4th July 1883. He passed away on 7th December 1970. His full name is Reuben Garrett Lucius Goldberg. He was also known as an inventor, engineer, author and sculptor. He created a series of cartoons, which led into the development of Rube Goldberg machines. The term was used to call a complicated gadget, which executed the simple tasks. During the lifetime, he had received various honors and awards. Let us get other impressive facts about Rube Goldberg:

Facts about Rube Goldberg 1: the awards

As I have stated before, Goldberg had collected many awards during his life as a cartoonist. In 1959, he received the Banshees’ Silver Lady Award.

Facts about Rube Goldberg 2: a Pulitzer Prize

In 1948, his political cartooning made him earn a Pulitzer Prize.

Rube Goldberg Facts

Rube Goldberg Facts

Facts about Rube Goldberg 3: National Cartoonists Society

National Cartoonists Society was founded by Goldberg. He also served as the first president in the institution.

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Facts about Rube Goldberg 4: inspiration

Goldberg is still considered as a role model for a cartoonist. There is no need to wonder that his name has been used to call the award, honor or competition of cartoon in the world. Reuben Award was inspired from him. An international competition to create a complicated machine for executing a simple is recognized as Rube Goldberg Machine Contests.

Facts about Rube Goldberg 5: the birthplace of Goldberg

The birthplace of Goldberg was located in San Francisco. His parents were Hannah and Max Goldberg. There were seven kids in the family. Goldberg was the third one.

Rube Goldberg

Rube Goldberg

Facts about Rube Goldberg 6: illustrations

Goldberg was only four years old when he started drawing illustrations. When he was 11, he had a professional drawing lesson.

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Facts about Rube Goldberg 7: personal life

On 17 October 1916, Goldberg and Irma Seeman got married. The couple decided to settle in New York City at 98 Central Park West. Thomas and George are the names of the couple’s kids. Goldberg insisted that his sons should change their surname into George during the Second World War because some people hated the political content in his cartoon. To maintain Goldberg’s name, Rube Goldberg Incorporated is used as the name of the company run by the children of Thomas and George.

Facts about Rube Goldberg 8: the cartoon series

The popular cartoon series produced by Goldberg included Lala Palooza, What Are You Kicking About, Foolish Questions, and including Mike and Ike (They Look Alike).

Facts about Rube Goldberg

Facts about Rube Goldberg

Facts about Rube Goldberg 9: Goldbergian

In 1915, the word Goldbergian was used in the print due to the popularity of Goldberg’s works.

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Facts about Rube Goldberg 10: the posthumous commemoration

In 1995, the work of Goldberg had the posthumous commemoration.

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