10 Facts about Ruben Dario

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Facts about Ruben Dario elaborate the details about the Nicaraguan poet. He was born on 18th January 1867. His birth name was Félix Rubén García Sarmiento. People recognize him more as Ruben Dario. He passed away on 6th February 1916. Dario was a prominent figure in modernismo movement in the late 19th century. It was considered as the Spanish-American literary movement. The Spanish literature and journalism were heavily affected by Dario’s works in 20th century. That is why he is still called as the father of modernismo. People also give him the title as the Prince of Castilian Letters. Let us dig more about the life of Dario in the following post:

Facts about Ruben Dario 1: parents

His mother was Rosa Sarmiento, while his father was Luis Burgos. The couple got married on 26th April 1866 in Leon, Nicaragua. His parents were the second-degree cousins. They should earn the ecclesiastic permissions before getting married.

Facts about Ruben Dario 2: the birthplace

The birthplace of Dario was located in Metapa. It is a part of Matagalpa in Nicaragua.

Facts about Ruben Dario

Facts about Ruben Dario

Facts about Ruben Dario 3: the true surname

Though Ruben was mostly known as Ruben Dario, he often explained that his true surname was actually Garcia. However, the surname Dario had been attached to his family for many years.

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Facts about Ruben Dario 4: the childhood

He spent most of his childhood in Leon city. He always considered Felix and Bernarda as the real parents who raised him. Both were his aunt and uncle from his maternal family.

Facts about Ruben Dario 5: the early life

The information about the early years of Dario is limited. However, the family faced a rough economy in 1871. The Jesuits educated him between 1879 and 1880 after he studied at a number of schools in Leon.

Ruben Dario Facts

Ruben Dario Facts

Facts about Ruben Dario 6: reading

Dario loved reading. When he was three years old, he learned to read. When he was 13 years old, his first work was published in a newspaper. He wrote it in 1879. He got the attention from the public as a child poet

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Facts about Ruben Dario 7: in El Salvador

Joaquín Mendez was a poet who introduced Dario to Rafael Zaldivar. The latter was the president of republic. Dario was inspired to use French Alexandrine metric in his Castilian verse due to the influence of Francisco Gavidia.

Facts about Ruben Dario 8: the life in El Salvador

Dario’s life in El Salvador was unfortunate for he had smallpox and economic difficulty. However, he was very popular in the country.

Ruben Dario

Ruben Dario

Facts about Ruben Dario 9: death of Dario

Dario passed away in Leon at the age of 49 on 6 February 1916. On 13th February 1916, he was interred at the cathedral of the city. The funeral took place for a couple days.

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Facts about Ruben Dario 10: legacy

Dario’s contribution in the field of literature is always appreciated. A set of postage stamps, which featured him, was issued by the government of Nicaragua. His name is also used to name a museum, library, and street in the country.

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