10 Facts about Rubidium

Post On: September 7, 2018

Facts about Rubidium tell the readers about the chemical element with the atomic number 37. It is symbolized as Rb. The standard atomic weight of Rubidium is 85.4678. It is included in the alkali metal group. Rubidium is characterized in silver white color with soft texture. This metallic element is reactive. When it is exposed to air, it will have a rapid oxidation. The 85Rb is considered as the stable isotope of Rubidium. The element actually has two natural isotopes. The stable one comprises 72 percent. The 87Rb occupies the remaining 28 percent. Here are other interesting facts about Rubidium in the following post:

Facts about Rubidium 1: the discovery of Rubidium

In 1861, Rubidium was discovered by Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff. Both were the famous chemists from Germany. Both applied flame spectroscopy to discover the element.

Facts about Rubidium 2: applications

The applications of Rubidium compounds are centered on electronics and chemistry. When the scientists want to apply the laser manipulation of atoms, they will use Rubidium as the target. The spectral absorption range and vaporization level of Rubidium is good.

Rubidium Facts

Rubidium Facts

Facts about Rubidium 3: the characteristics of Rubidium

Can you mention some of the primary characteristics of Rubidium? It has the silver white color. Moreover, this element is ductile and soft.

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Facts about Rubidium 4: the melting point

The melting point of Rubidium reaches 102.7 degree F or 39.3 degree C.

Facts about Rubidium 5: the reaction with water

If Rubidium is mixed with water, it will react violently just like the other alkali metals. When it is mixed with iron, gold, potassium or sodium, it will form alloys. The amalgams will be formed by mixing rubidium and mercury.



Facts about Rubidium 6: how to differentiate rubidium and potassium

It will be hard for the people to differentiate between rubidium and potassium because both have the similar purple tone during the flame test. Spectroscopy is one of the further tests that the scientists do to identify the elements.

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Facts about Rubidium 7: the most used compound of rubidium

The most used compound of Rubidium is RbCl. It stands for rubidium chrolide. The presence of RbCl inside the living organism is used as the replacement of potassium. Rubidium also has other compounds. They include Rb2CO3 and RbOH. The latter one is rubidium hydroxide, while the former is rubidium carbonate.

Facts about Rubidium 8: the occurrence of rubidium

Rubidium can be found on the Earth’s crust. Compared to copper, it is more than the element.

Facts about Rubidium

Facts about Rubidium

Facts about Rubidium 9: the application of 85Rb

85Rb is usually used for cold atom applications because of its Feshbach spectrum.

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Facts about Rubidium 10: the use of Rubidium-82

The usage or application of Rubidium-82 is for positron emission tomography.

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